I Heart Hy-Vee Health Market….on Thursdays

April 17, 2008

My friend and I met today for almost 3 hours and it was SO helpful. We talked through a lot of different foods, found great recipes, planned a menu, and I’m now feeling much better. I was very excited to hit our nearby Hy-Vee Health Market and stock up on some things knowing that I’ll get 10% off because that’s what they do on Wednesdays. (GF/CF food is VERY expensive so every little bit helps!)

I grabbed some essentials and a few “special treats” for the boys and was feeling good about life. When I got home I double checked my receipt and realized that I had not gotten 10% off of anything!! I had paid full price! (If I had been paying more attention during check-out, I maybe would have noticed, but with two squirmy kids in the cart, I didn’t).

I was ready to put the kids in the car to go get some money back. I was sure the checker just hadn’t realized his mistake. High school kids….like they know what health food is! 😉 I called to see what I could find out and low and behold, OUR Hy-Vee health market section is on sale on THURSDAYS. Tomorrow. A lot of good that does me now. (After thinking about it, I realized that everyone I know who uses the section frequently lives in Ankeny-where their section is on sale on WEDNESDAYS).

I tried……..chalk it up to figuring out how all this works. Some day I’ll be a pro.

(A big THANK YOU to Em Alberhasky’s neighbor Kristen who let Gav sample some of her yummy treats!)

2 Responses to “I Heart Hy-Vee Health Market….on Thursdays”

  1. Emily said

    I’m so sorry about the Health Market woes. Seriously, I think they switch it up on purpose! I’m so glad we met today! I got a few great recipes and it was nice to be together. I heart you!

  2. Kristen said

    I’m glad things are going well with the diet! That cookboook you mentioned looks great. Sorry, I had no idea that the day would change by store. Live and learn!

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