It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night…..

May 12, 2008

This Beatles’ song has been rolling around in my head lately. Here’s why…….for almost the last two weeks, Gavin has been waking up in the middle of the night and is usually up for AT LEAST 2 hours, sometimes several times a night. I don’t know if it starts with sleepwalking and ends up waking him up, but it’s VERY frustrating. To begin with, he’s been having a really hard time going to bed and staying in bed. It takes a good half and hour of punishments before he finally stays in bed long enough to fall asleep. 4-5 hours later, he’s usually up again and refuses to stay in bed. Josh and I decided a long time ago that we are not going to let him sleep in our bed. We just can’t start that with him. So, one or both of us ends up guarding his door and putting him back in bed repeatedly in the middle of the night. (I feel like I have a newborn again with the small amount of sleep we’ve been getting). Fortunately Liam, whose room is right next door, sleeps through it all.

The thing is, sleep problems are common among autistic children, so we are definitely not alone, there’s just not a lot that we can do. He already takes melatonin before bed to help him fall asleep (doesn’t really seem to help though) I’m seriously hoping that once we get his body balanced with supplements this will help him have a more restful night sleep.

And that brings me to the other issue we’ve been facing. POTTY TRAINING. Well, we’re not actually doing that yet (Gav has absolutely no desire). After meeting with Carolyn Walker at Prevention Iowa, Josh and I decided to have Gavin take a food sensitivity test and an ION panel (this measures everything his body produces to determine if he’s too high or too low in certain areas. It will also determine if there is a high level of metal in his system-another common factor of autism.  In order to do the ION panel though, a urine sample is needed. Kind of a big problem for us. Gav has yet to go in the potty. He’s been known to sit on it for up to an hour, but doesn’t go. (Some other problems are that the test requires first morning urine and the child should not have any liquids prior to going). My thinking was that we could just keep giving him water or juice, but that could potentially dilute his urine and ruin the test.

Last night while the family was over to celebrate Mother’s Day, Gav sat on his potty while everyone ate dessert. He ended up eating a cookie while we “waited” for him to go because he was feeling left out. Still nothing. This morning, Josh had him sit again and this time he sat for a good hour. We finally decided it was time to call it a day and then we realized at some point he had gone!!!! YAY! We had our sample!!! I got the lab kit ready and then realized there was a bunch of black crumbs floating in his urine. Apparently some of his cookie from last night had made it into the potty chair. I’m thinkin’ that’s not going to go over too well at the lab. So, we’re back to square one. At least he went. I guess that’s the first step. SIGH……….

2 Responses to “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night…..”

  1. Emily said

    Oh Emmy, I’m sorry it’s so hard right now. If there’s any way we can help, please let us know. How about taking Liam while Gavin’s in school so you can take a nap????
    Yeah for the pee pee…boo on the cookie!

  2. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    That’s a pretty great mental picture of Gav sitting on his potty chair, enjoying a Faux-reo.
    You’re just too sleep-deprived to enjoy it!
    Praying for that urine sample!!

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