May 15, 2008

First of all, I am happy to announce that Gavin has successfully gone potty in his potty chair-sans crumbs- and we now have a good sample to take to the lab (and frozen pee in our freezer).

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. Myself, Josh, and my extended family have been AMAZED at Gavin’s turn-around over the last two weeks. Gavin now eats everything that is put in front of him, whether or not he’s had it before. This never happened prior to the GF/CF diet.

Before trying the diet ourselves, I had kept reading about all these kids who were getting better on the diet, but my big question had always been how parents even got their children to start it. Autistic children are commonly very picky, as was the case with Gavin. To get him to try anything apart from his favorite four things was impossible. He would look sideways at his plate and refuse to even try one bite. I figured the same thing would happen on the diet, especially since we had to cut out all of his favorites.

A strange thing has happened. He no longer refuses food. He tries everything and more often than not, cleans his plate. He’s been asking for broccoli for goodness sake! This coming from the child who flat out refused vegetables most of his life. Gavin has suddenly become a bottomless pit. We had dinner at my parents’ house last night and we literally ran out of food to give him. He just kept eating! I know he feels better and the enzymes are helping his food digest the way it should. What I don’t understand, though, is what changed his mind? Did he know certain foods hurt his tummy hence the pickyness? Does he now feel so much better that he’s not afraid to try new things? Why does he suddenly like (dare I even say, love) vegetables? Why hasn’t he even asked for the old standbys? He’s a completely different person when we sit down to eat. Meal times are enjoyable now. Before it was a battle at almost every meal unless he was eating a favorite. I caved more often than not and let him eat what he wanted, just so he would eat something and be full.

To anyone who is contemplating starting their child on this diet, please try it! It is hard at first (and expensive), but the results are amazing and fast. I am so excited to see what Gavin will be like even a month from now! The possibilities are endless!

On a sad note…….I was informed by a Hy-Vee worker recently that they are going to stop carrying A2 milk because they are not selling enough. Apparently, they are one of the last Hy-Vees in the area who even still carry it. Bummer. Guess we’re just going to have to get an A2 cow for the back yard.

2 Responses to “Ponderings”

  1. Chris' Wife said

    I would give my right arm to see him eat that cucumber again.
    Oh my.

  2. Haverlee said

    i’m so glad to read this most recent blog. that’s so great! i just can’t believe how quickly his eating habits turned around. you guys deserve a huge break. (i hope you had an extra special mother’s day!)

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