May 23, 2008

Just a few things…….

I came home from dropping Gav off at school a few days ago and there was a lovely package waiting on my front steps. My dear friend Tammy had sent us some Trader Joe’s Pancake and Waffle Mixes (GF/CF of course!) There was a yummy recipe on the side of the mix for coffee cake, so I decided to make that-Gavin loves anything “cake”. It was scrumptious! Thanks, Tammy! (I’m so jealous of your easy access to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!)

This past Tuesday we were FINALLY able to take Gav to get his blood work done for his ION panel and food sensitivity tests. First we needed the urine sample and once we had that, we were to take him to a lab here in town. We were all ready to go last Thursday when I realized he was not supposed to have eaten anything for the last 12 hours. He had just finished breakfast. Another setback. Since the lab doesn’t do blood draws on Fridays and they are short-staffed on Mondays, we ended up having to wait until Tuesday. Poor little Gavie! He sat happily in the waiting room without a clue as to what was about to happen. I made Josh come along to hold him down (Gav’s had blood drawn before and I could barely keep him still). Six vials later, they had what they needed and we returned home with a very upset, hungry boy. (Luckily we still had coffee cake and that saved the day!)

That same night, there was a story on the news about our pediatrician’s office (old office-we no longer take our kids there). Apparently they recently sent out letters to their patients letting them know that the vaccines given from March ’07-December ’07 may be inactive. The refrigerator used to store these vaccines was found to be at an incorrect temperature, so they are unsure of the effectiveness of the vaccine. LIAM WAS GIVEN 6 VACCINES IN MAY ’07 AT THIS CLINIC. Back then, Gavin had yet to be diagnosed and I was just beginning to understand the problems behind vaccines. (I know some of you reading this may not agree with my position and that’s ok. This is my view since Gavin has been diagnosed). Liam was two months old and at the time I was very on the fence about vaccines. I went ahead with them and have regretted it ever since. This news the other night made my day! I cannot tell you what a huge relief I felt when I heard that. I had been walking around with guilt about that for some time.

If you are interested to learn why I feel the way I do about vaccines, please read these fantastic articles on the Generation Rescue site. Read their vaccination article and The User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule.

And lastly, Gav’s been sleeping much better this past week. He is no longer fighting bed time, and even though we hear him get up once or twice in the night, he gets right back in bed. He no longer wanders and we’re sure he’s not even awake when he gets up. Morning still comes awfully early at our house, but at least we’re all getting a more restful night’s sleep. Our family will be moving in with my parents starting Saturday so Josh can refinish our floors. This will probably mess up the good thing we have going, but we’re looking forward to lots of Grandpa and Grandma time!

One Response to “Tidbits”

  1. Emily said

    We got this letter from our pediatrician’s office too! Too bad they still got all that poison even if they weren’t effective! I mentioned it to Steinmann and he said that actually happens a lot and that most of the time they are fine, but they have to follow protocol and have them redone! Can you imaging doing two doses of everything!!!!??? Like their little bodies need anything else to deal with! Here’s to hoping that the “refrigeration” issue means that all the junk in them was nullified! 🙂
    love you!

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