A Shout Out To……..

June 3, 2008

my dry-cleaners! (Beaver Avenue Cleaners in Beaverdale) I’ve gone to this place for years and have always noticed a tiny little sign by the street indicating GreenEarth Cleaning. I had never thought much about it before until Josh dropped some things off yesterday and came home with a brochure. They are the ONLY dry-cleaners in the state who use GreenEarth cleaning. Instead of perchloroethylene (which has been tagged as a Toxic Air Contaminant by the EPA) my cleaners uses pure liquid silicone (liquefied sand!) So, there are no harsh chemicals, no toxic smells, and you don’t have to air out your “clean” clothes before you wear them. After reading this book, I have been much more aware of everything we breathe on a daily basis. GreenEarth is the only process they use, so if you’re looking for a little perchloroethylene in your clothes and body, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

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