TJ’s and Klean Kanteens

June 5, 2008

This past weekend my sister and brother-in-law were in Chicago and came home with a HUGE bag full of Trader Joe’s yummies for us and the cutest bag for the beach! Thanks guys! We love you!

AND……check out these cute little guys!

I’m so excited to have found Klean Kanteens for my kids! ( I bought out Active Endeavors, but have no fear, they will be getting more at the end of this month). I have recently been on a mission to rid our house of plastic dishes and cups but it’s hard to find kid-friendly cups. Corelle dishes are great, but all they have are coffee mugs and Liam’s not quite ready for those yet. πŸ™‚

Apparently these babies are hard to come by. I can now officially throw out the last of the plastic cups and sippys! (Siggs are good too-they come in really cute styles-but they just don’t make sippy lids like Liam needs. Siggs can still be found at Campbell’s and Scheels).

Happy (safe) drinking!

4 Responses to “TJ’s and Klean Kanteens”

  1. Chris' Wife said

    Yay!!! You’re so welcome! I’m excited to hear (have one) how the brownies turned out!
    And how fun are those little cups?!?! LOVE it.

  2. meredith said

    yes, we are on this same quest…it is hard to rid of all plastics with small kids…finally some people are getting it right like Sipps & Kleen Kanteens. I love them! Although, why is everything cool & good for you so pricey?? arrrr…

  3. Emily said

    We LOVE our Kleen Kanteens! We have a whole bunch of them…our Be The Butterfly here in Ankeny always has a lot of them if you ever need more! AND, I heard they are making them in colors now!!! Yea!! I haven’t gotten one for Abraham yet, but soon! We have a few SIGGS too, and they are great for 2 and up, but those little guys just get water all over the place! πŸ™‚

  4. Hannah said

    I just ordered 5 Kleen Kanteens for my family. Thank you for the suggestion! I am definitely concerned about the safety of plastic bottles, and I am glad that I now have a safe alternative. These will be perfect for my hiking trip in August!


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