These are a few of my favorite things……

June 17, 2008

(keep singing, I know you want to!)

For the last few weeks to a month, Gavin has been sleeping MUCH better through the night. I have no idea what that little hiccup was, but thankfully it seems to be subsiding. He still wakes up VERY early (5:45ish) but now he creeps quietly up to our bedroom and crawls in bed between us. It is my new favorite thing. I LOVE IT! He’s barely awake when he does come up, and more often than not he ends up falling asleep for another hour or more. It’s pure heaven snuggling up with him and listening to him breathe in my ear. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, even if it meant him sleeping until 8 every morning. I will hold on to these little moments as long as I can because he won’t always want to cuddle with his mom.

And now, since the tears are starting, I’ll move on to lighter things. This is another one of my new favorite things! (actually all of Emily Martin’s stuff is my favorite)

I snatched this print right up because oh how it reminds me of Gav. Hip and mellow. What a jaunty scarf! I love, love, love it (and it looks great hanging in his red room).

For those of you who’ve asked, Gavin’s test results are back, but we can’t meet with the doctor until JULY 15th!! I asked if there was anything conclusive they could tell us over the phone and the secretary just told me we’d have to wait to talk to the doctor. So, it’s GF/CF for at least another month.

One Response to “These are a few of my favorite things……”

  1. Manda said

    How is potty training going??

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