Why We Need To Do This

October 22, 2008

Someone on my research team sent me a trial study that was conducted on 2 autistic children. Both were first put on a gluten-free diet with results recorded, then they were placed on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. See for yourself why we need to do this:

(Comparison of changes observed between each intervention. Sorry this is not easier to read-I was having a bit of trouble with the chart so I had to just list).


GF/CF Student A: less stimming, began to speak for the first time since regression, more vocab, improved eye contact

GF/CF Student B: loss of self-mutilating behavior, loss of constant stimulating behaviors

(Now for the really cool stuff-these are the behavioral changes in the same two students but on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet instead)

SCD Student A: no dietary self-limiting, no fetal positioning, no night waking (WOO HOO!), loss of autistic gaze, less tantrums, more words, clearer speech, more aware of environment, greater imitation skills, greater self-control, less hyperactive, loss of head-banging,less screaming and crying, more social, more helpful, greater imagination

SCD Student B:no dietary self-limiting, no fetal positioning, no eye covering, significantly less night waking, loss of autistic gaze, less tantrums, more aware of environment, not biting others, less screaming and crying, more initiating, more verbalizing, smiles and laughs appropriately


GF/CF Student A: diarrhea decreased from approx. 7 per day to 1 per day

GF/CF Student B: same as student A

SCD Student A: no food induced eczema, solid stool, less abdominal distention, no panda eyes, loss of foul body odor

SCD Student B: same as student A on SCD


GF/CF Student A: self-limiting diet

GF/CF Student B: self-limiting diet

SCD Student A: none

SCD Student B: none

And there were no deteriorating physiological changes to report at all.

WOW! After reading that, I don’t any more convincing that this has got to be our next step.

5 Responses to “Why We Need To Do This”

  1. Emily said

    Em, you trust that instinct of yours! You are right on! Those results are amazing!

  2. Kay said

    Great study… My son is not autistic, but has been on the SCD since July for UC and it works very well. Congrats!
    Please join the yahoo group called Pecanbread, that is the official SCD group and they are very helpful.

  3. Cheryl said

    Yes! SCD diet has phenomenal success. Dan Dr.s are quoting almost 100%! Here are some must read books and websites:
    1) “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She recovered her own autistic son using SCD and supplementation. There are 6 youtube videos you can access if you just do an internet search on her name.
    2) “Breaking The Vicious Cycle” by Elaine Gottschall. This is the groundbreaking book that introduced the SCD diet to the mainstream world. It has an updated chapter on autism. Many recipes are included.
    3) “We Band of Mothers” Stories of families who recovered their ASD kids using SCD. Recipes included.
    4) http://www.pecanbread.com The most comprehensive website dedicated to SCD information for ASD kids, yahoo groups, recipes.

    You are on your way to something wonderful. Hang in there. It is all worth it!
    Warmly, Cheryl, SCD since 3-08. Mother to two souls with neurological and digestive disorders.

  4. recoveringgavin said

    Thanks for the info ladies! I’m very nervous to start because I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m excited to see the results!

  5. Chris' Wife said

    I’m a member of the research team? I feel so HONORED! Do we get teeshirts/nametags?

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