Our Journey Continues

November 10, 2008

Today we took the next step with Gavin and had our first behavior counseling appointment with Grace Percival. Grace came highly recommended because she works strictly with autistic and Asperger children. Her waiting room and office were a dream come true for any child. It was bright, colorful, and FULL of fun toys. We could have stayed all day. Grace herself was wonderful with Gavin and was very helpful even on this initial visit.

She confirmed my thoughts on Gav being a visual thinker and encouraged us to create a PECS book (picture exchange communication system). School had recently developed a book for him, but the pictures are line drawings printed from a computer program and may be very hard for a visual learner to decipher. I now have the task of taking digital pictures of Gav’s world and creating our own PECS book for home. She also thought it was a good idea to develop a schedule (also something he uses at school) made up of pictures. Since our days vary depending on school, this should help Gavin know what is expected of him each day. Our goal is to alleviate the meltdowns and aid Gavin in telling us what is bothering him.

She also had a good idea for the whole getting out of bed a million times thing, so I’m going to try that tonight. (Unfortunately, Josh has to work late because of our appointment, so I’ll be going it alone). Keep your fingers crossed!

Another issue I’ve been struggling with lately is whether or not we need to switch DAN doctors. Each doctor can only take us so far and lately I’ve been feeling like we may need to go another direction. Grace also mentioned that and we shouldn’t hesitate to try different ones (unfortunately, the next closest one is in Omaha). We still have a few tests that should be run through our current DAN doc, but after that I’m not so sure. The next biomedical step we take is metal testing. I’m very interested to see the results of this test. If Gav does have high levels of metal-which he most likely does (from vaccines) we will have to begin chelation therapy. For him, this would just consist of a mouth spray once to several times a day. (I find it so interesting that you can detox metals this way!) This test is pretty expensive, as is the spray, so it’s lookin’ like we’ll have to push that off until after Christmas. What kid wants to get detox spray in their stocking?!!

Well, I’m off to take pictures………….

2 Responses to “Our Journey Continues”

  1. meredith said

    ha! i love your comical perspective on this hurdle. we are praying for you & this step for tonight.

    sleepy time!!! i am speakin’ it out there to be true. total sleep for everyone in the hulling family!!

    love ya!

  2. Emily said

    em…i’m so glad it went well. it’s so exciting to have another person on your “team”. the more the merrier, right? you’re a wonderful mama!

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