2 Days Left Until Black Friday

November 25, 2008

That’s what I’ve begun to call Friday around here. Not because of the crazy shopping or the fact that my dear sweet husband LOVES to get up before dawn to stand in line at Best Buy every year. It’s Black Friday because we’re starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet this week. I plan to LOAD up at Thanksgiving, so hopefully my body won’t notice it’s hungry until Sunday or so. 🙂 Gosh, I hope it really isn’t that bad. I have had a rough few weeks just knowing this day was coming. Some things I have to do this week still in preparation: buy unflavored natural gelatin (do you know what this stuff really is???-look it up I don’t want to ruin it for you), make homemade yogurt, make applesauce (just got a bag full of yummy organic apples for CHEAP from a friend), stew a chicken and save the broth (we will be eating lots of chicken broth the first few days), and buy a bunch of tomatoes and freeze-didn’t know I could until recently, and last, make homemade ketchup.

I am SO not good in the kitchen and I like things QUICK. This diet is the exact opposite. I need to make just about everything, down to grinding almonds into flour to bake with (oh, better add that to my list). I guess this will definitely make me Little Suzie Homemaker for sure! I’m still really struggling with a lot of the SCD recipes because they contain dairy and/or eggs, 2 main things Gav is sensitive to. I did find a blurb on a web site that said mashed or pureed banana or squash can be substituted for eggs, so that should help. We are supposed to stay away from all things almonds for a while (meaning almond milk) so I’m not sure what to do about the “dairy” ingredient. We may just have to bypass those recipes until we can add “dairy” or a dairy-like substance back into the diet.

Sorry if I seem to blog endlessly about my fears regarding this diet. I really still don’t quite know what we’re going to eat early on because of Gav’s sensitivities. I guess we’ll be eating jello and veggies for breakfast. Just kidding….well, not really.

5 Responses to “2 Days Left Until Black Friday”

  1. Emily said

    hahaha! em, you are so funny! what a good mommy you are to do all this for your little guy! I know what you mean about not knowing if you should give them the foods they are allergic to if it’s ok on the diet. I’m struggling with that also. I can’t wait to see great progress! BTW, Costco has 3lb bags of almonds for 10 bucks…they aren’t organic, but that’s really cheap. Hy-vee’s are 9 bucks for one pound!

  2. Chris' Wife said

    Oh eemy…you are so wonderful to Gavie. We will be praying praying praying.
    LOVE YOU 4!!!!!!!!

  3. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    you’ll do great, Emma. you’re a brilliant girl, and you’ll figure all this out. I admire your determination to do WHATEVER you can for our little guy. it’s gonna be SO worth it!
    let me know any way I can help . . . not. . . sure. . . how . . . but pop and I are praying too!

  4. Paula said

    You are one brave woman! We will be praying… let us know how everything goes!

  5. Julia said

    They sell almond flour and all kinds of ready made things like that at whole foods! Tell me what you can have and I’ll ship a box to you.

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