SCD Day 1

November 29, 2008

Yesterday started out early. Way too early. 4 AM EARLY. Josh had plans to be up for Black Friday (the shopping day, not our diet) and Gav heard his alarm go off. I didn’t hear a thing so that tells you what a light sleeper he normally is. Josh put Gav back in bed and we thought all was well until Josh walked out the door and all hell broke loose. Can someone please tell me how my children know when their father is gone? Am I really that much of a push over? Gavin kept getting out of bed which woke Liam. To make a long story short, none of us ever went back to sleep and we decided to quit trying at 5:30. This was not really the best way to start out our new diet.

The night before I had made grape jello (one of the first foods on the intro diet-made with pure gelatin and 100% juice). I was excited because I was sure the kids would love being able to eat jello whenever they wanted. Jello for breakfast? Cool! Wrong! They had tons of fun squishing it and playing with it, but both refused to eat any. Liam usually devours anything, so that was a huge surprise. So, instead of a fun jello breakfast, both boys ate chicken. I was gagging dishing up chicken breasts at 6am, but they both ate a ton and never complained. Whatever, boys. The rest of the day was spent snacking on chicken and drinking cider (apple juice is forbidden but cider is ok-I still have yet to figure out why that is). We had bunless burgers sans ketchep for dinner with VERY cooked carrots. The boys missed their ketchup, but they both ate good dinners, thankful it wasn’t chicken again.

So far, I seem to be having the hardest time on this diet. Irritability is one of the early side affects and boy was I crabby yesterday. The boys were happy and didn’t seem to care that they couldn’t have fruit, or Rice Chex, or milk. Today is better for me, but Liam is having a rough morning. The yeast die-off can cause flu like symptoms for up to 10 days so that should be incredibly fun! Gav did have good poop yesterday, so that’s a plus and we’re still waiting on Liam’s. đŸ™‚ If poop is more normal this weekend, I plan to add pearsauce, applesauce, and mashed bananas to our menu on Monday. Woo hoo!

One Response to “SCD Day 1”

  1. Emily said

    oh the joys of poop stories! why is it that i’m so fascinated by poop stories? are we crazy?

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