It’s Been a Good Day

December 10, 2008

It’s been a great day, actually. We started off with everyone waking up at 7 (yes, Gav couldn’t fall asleep until 10pm last night which was bad, but he never woke up in the night so we actually got a solid night’s sleep).

We had our second counseling appointment with Grace today and again I have to say how good she is with Gavin. She is so very sweet and get this, she teared up when she heard Gavin talking. He never said much at our last appointment a month ago and this time he was much more talkative (because of the diet, I believe). How sweet of her to care so much that she started to cry!

She also gave us the names of other natural supplements (5-HTP and valerian root-I’ve not heard of either) that may help Gavin stay asleep at night. I could have kissed her! She also agreed to write up a medical diagnosis for Gav’s autism, so hopefully that will help our cause when battling our insurance company.

Everyone’s just been really happy today and I think we’re finally getting over the worst of the yeast die-off.

I finally know what to get everyone for Christmas and that’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. And, one of our oldest, dearest friends in the world is coming to stay this weekend and with him comes rest, relaxation, lots of laughs, and probably a good movie . I’m looking forward to just hanging out this weekend and setting Christmas aside just for a few days.

Yay for happy (melt-down free) days!

4 Responses to “It’s Been a Good Day”

  1. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    And don’t forget THIS from the other day:
    “I’m thirsty, Grandma. I want cider, please!”
    Complete with eye contact and a smile!!
    Progress, progress!!

  2. Chris' Wife said

    Yay! Yay! Yay!!
    I miss you guys so much! I want to see you!!! Probably not until the end of next week…BOOO! BUT, then we have 2 WEEKS OFF!!!
    Love you all!!

  3. Emily said

    oh, em this is great!

  4. Paula said

    That’s great news! We are soooo happy that things are going well for you guys. We will pray for continued good news and progress and a relaxing weekend with your friend!

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