Maybe I’ll Have Better Luck Tomorrow

December 23, 2008

I got really excited today because I decided it was officially time to move on to the next stage of our diet.  Nut Butters!  YAY!  I found a seemingly yummy recipe that called for nut butter (we use almond), bananas, eggs, etc, etc.  Since Gavin has a sensitivity to eggs, I decided to replace the eggs with applesauce.  The recipe book I have says 2 eggs=1/2 cup pureed fruit.  Well, apparently this was more fruit than these muffins could handle.  They imploded about halfway through baking!   There seriously was nothing left except the batter baked around the muffin cups.  MMMM….tasty.

Tomorrow, Josh and I are going to try our hand at meringues.  These too have eggs, but just egg whites, so we’re going to see how Gav does with them.  I hear meringues can be very tricky and with my track record, I’ll most likely ruin those too.  I’ll let you know!

And on another food related note, here’s been Gavin’s prayer at bed time for about the last two weeks, “Dear Jesus, thank you for Liam and for El Rodeo and for the QDoba, and for rice and beans.  Thank you that we can have Christmas cookies on Christmas. Amen.”  (Think he misses his favorite restaurants? Poor kid.)

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