I Had a Moment

March 13, 2009

I had a moment last night as the boys were taking a bath. That’s Daddy’s job and I usually spend the time picking up the house and getting the last little things done before the boys go to bed. I was passing the bathroom door last night, and Gavin, in his sweet little 4 year old voice says, “But Daddy, I’m a man.”

Instantly, my mind flashed to the scene in Father of the Bride where Steve Martin is talking to his daughter about her getting married and all of a sudden she’s teeny tiny talking in her little baby voice about how much she loves this guy and that he makes her happy and she’s going to marry him. I literally froze. I got a lump in my throat so big and I suddenly saw the years flash by and Gavin having this same discussion with his dad when he’s 18. (I’m tearing up just typing this!)

Now I have no idea what the context of Gavin and Josh’s conversation was, but I spent the rest of the night realizing just how fast time goes and wanting to make the most of EVERY SECOND I have with my kids. I seriously have no idea where the last four and a half years have gone and I know they’re just going to keep going faster.

Whew. Deep breath. Ok. I’m done with all the sad stuff.

We know it is officially spring around here because of this:

dscf2715The pants are getting holes. This time of year is always so tough because winter clothes are wearing out or starting not to fit, but it’s too cold for summer stuff (which I recently stocked up on thanks to HUGE sales at Old Navy).

In other news……..we went to our first speech therapy session on Tuesday that was covered by Title 19. WE DID NOT HAVE TO PAY A DIME!!! Apparently we are COMPLETELY covered. Again, thank you Lord! (Other good news….we should be FULLY reimbursed for the sessions we paid out of pocket!) And Gavin is also scheduled for his OT (occupational therapy) evalutaion on April 1st. Apparently there’s a very long waiting list for OT therapy, but fortunately his speech therapist, Kim, is also OT trained, so she’ll be incorporating both in his sessions until we get an OT therapist assigned. We also begin speech therapy twice a week starting the 23rd.

On Wednesday we had parent/teacher conferences at Gav’s school. His teachers told us that they have recommended that G be placed in a “universal preschool” this fall. A U.P. is a classroom with 10 typically developing children, 8 special needs children, one gen ed teacher, one special ed teacher, and an associate. Because our main concern for Gavin are his social skills, they feel he would do better in a class with typical peers than in a room where all the kids are similar to him (like his current class).

I know this will be good for him, I’m just really sad to say goodbye to these wonderful teachers. He LOVES school and these women. I know he will flourish and this is the best thing for him before kindergarten. As of right now they do not have a location yet for this class, but we should know sometime before the end of the school year.

And last, because I am at the Windsor Heights Hy-Vee Health Market SO much, I had several employees stop me yesterday to let me know that they have changed their health market discount day to Wednesdays starting next week. For anyone else who shops at that Health Market, this is just a friendly heads-up!

3 Responses to “I Had a Moment”

  1. ggbarb said

    Em I love you What a great mother you are!!!

  2. Chris' Wife said


  3. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    can’t help thinking of Corky St. Clair, “Paw, you taught me what it means to be a MAN!”

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