If Only Gavin Were a Bit Older…….

March 27, 2009

This is one of Gavin’s all-time favorite books.  It looks AMAZING!  Gotta love when they bring classic children’s books to life (and I have this weird thing for James Gandolfini. I don’t know).   Maybe you can see it in a couple of years, Gav!

4 Responses to “If Only Gavin Were a Bit Older…….”

  1. Paula said

    Wow! That looks awesome! I didn’t even know they were making that into a movie!

  2. Emily said

    oh i can’t wait! we love this book…i’ve gone through a few copies. when one gets too shabby i buy another! 🙂

  3. bethany said

    i just saw this trailer! can’t wait!!!

    (but yeah, piper will have to. she already talks about “scary monsters” at bedtime, and that’s just from pictures in a disney coloring book!)

  4. Haverlee said

    I love how the monsters in the movie look exactly like the drawings in the book! Very cool.

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