More fun pics

April 29, 2009

Both boys are very musical and jump at every opportunity to play one of their many instruments.  I think this time they were performing U2’s Beautiful Day.  Liam’s workin’ on pecs like Larry Mullen Jr.  😉


I also found this way cool tent at Marshalls this week.  Didn’t realize how huge it was until it sprang out of the box by itself when I got it home.  Yikes.  Kinda big.  But hours of fun!


And the boys favorite game lately has been Hullabaloo.  I love it because it teaches shapes, colors, objects, and most importantly, following directions.  Plus it’s a quick play, everyone wins, and it’s not annoying.  LOVE IT!


The boys played with our good friends today when they came for a play date.  5 boys, lots of noise, balls flying, toys out the window, and just plain fun.  (This shot is the ONLY time everyone was still and quiet longer than a few seconds).

We’re headed to Omaha on Friday for our dear friend Amy‘s wedding (woo hoo!), to hang out with Uncle Tim, to hit the zoo (best zoo ever!) and to chow down at all our favorite restaurants we don’t have here.   I’ll post our fun weekend pics on Monday!

I Have a Poop Question

April 26, 2009

Gavin is still doing awesome at potty training, except for one little (I should say BIG issue).  He refuses to poop in the potty.  So at least once a day he’ll waddle up to me with a load in his pants asking to have new underwear.  He used to do funny little dances around the house so I always knew when he had to go, but unfortunately that’s not the case anymore.  There’s no indication for me now, and I’m getting really tired of cleaning it up.  We’ve promised rewards and toys and lots of good things, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

Picture Post

April 20, 2009

I finally downloaded the pictures off my camera the other day and found some cute ones!


The boys found Josh’s  snowboarding goggles (or whatever the heck they’re called) and wore them for most of the  day.


dscf2833 A friend brought back all our baby stuff that she had borrowed and Liam thought the “backpack for baby” was such a genius idea.   I didn’t have the heart to tell him he’s not going to be allowed to carry the baby.  Oh geez-can you see that happening?  I know he’s going to try!


Checkin out the new “Star Bed”


I was wearing my glasses one morning and Liam wanted to be just like me.  Sigh……I look pretty ridiculous in my glasses too.

Big Boy Updates

April 13, 2009

Well, Gavin is still wearing his elmo underwear successfully! This is the longest stretch he’s ever had, so I’d say he finally got it!  There’s no going back now. YAY!  One down, one to go!  C’mon Liam, it’s not that hard! 😉

And, Liam LOOOOOOOVES his big boy bed.  Every so often he’ll be in the middle of doing something and scream “Star Bed!” (it has stars on the headboard) and he’ll run in his room just to look at it.  Hilarious!  He has not gotten out yet (good thing because he can’t get back in!)  and he gets excited to take naps and go to bed at night.   Anytime anyone came over this weekend, Liam immediately drug them into his room to show off his “Star Bed.”  So come on over, Liam’s just dying to show off his bed!

I should really rephrase that title.  It’s a HUGE day at our house today!  It all started on Monday when Gavin came home from school insisting that he wear his elmo underwear and go potty on the potty (if you haven’t been keeping up with us, we’ve tried unsuccessfully a few times to potty train Gav and it either is ok for a while, or he flat our refuses).  AND, I’m lazy.  If he doesn’t want to go, I’m not going to force the issue.

But something clicked in his head on Monday.  Josh asked his teachers at school the next day if they’d said or done anything differently and all Miss Michelle could think of was that the rest of the boys in his class are already potty-trained and she chalked it up to positive peer pressure.

Gavin has been wearing his cutie batootie elmo unders all week -except for school-we’re still doing the pull-ups.  His teachers take the kids potty several times a day, but Gav wouldn’t go at school.  We’ve been telling him that he can wear his underwear to school as soon as he starts going potty at school.

Today I get a phone call from his main teacher saying he went potty twice!!!  I think he gets it!!  Now it’s the weekend, so let’s hope the concept sticks for Monday!

AND, in other big-boy related news, Mr. Liam is officially getting a big-boy bed tonight.   Josh and I thought it was a good idea to transition him out of his crib now so he has plenty of time to get used to it and learn the “rules” of staying in bed before baby comes.  And besides, he told my mom he was going to be “four in June” so he’s long overdue! 🙂

This Crazy Life

April 6, 2009

Whew! I can breathe. Last week was the CRAZIEST week we’ve had in a long time.  Here’s just a snapshot of what’s been keeping us busy:

  • Aunt Julie was here all week from Colorado and this is the first time she’s gotten to meet Liam, so we’ve tried to spend as much time with her as possible
  • We’ve had some tough family issues to deal with which is never fun-definitely added to the stress of this week
  • Speech twice during the week, immediately after school, so I pick Gav up downtown then head clear out to Johnston just in the nick of time (all while scarfing lunch in the car-lovely)
  • A dear friend was also in town from Colorado and it’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen her.  We stayed up very late one night reminiscing and laughing a lot-thanks, Erica!
  • Gavin also had his Occupational Therapy Eval last week.  That involved a lot of playing/climbing/swinging/running and lots of other things he had no idea he was being graded on.  😉
  • My favorite out-of-control consignment sale and lunch with friends (that was definitely a nice break from the week!)
  • Thursday and Friday was spent clearing the (what felt like) 5 million trees/shrubs/brush/bramble that was invading our yard.  Two days, a chipper, and 4 HUGE piles of brush later, we’re still not done.  And then it snowed………
  • New friends for dinner Saturday, and small group for dinner and a movie Sunday

And this week is….peaceful.  We still have school,speech twice this week, and some friends coming over, but overall, it’s the calm after the storm.

AND, due to the week we had last week, I was  unable to announce the winner of the book drawing.  And the winner is…………Emily Alberhasky (yes, I swear it was totally random-I drew names out of a hat).