Just a Lot of Life

May 29, 2009

I realized it’s been a while since I posted (sorry, Kate!) but there really hasn’t been anything too exciting to blog about.  Life is moving fast, almost too fast for us these days!

Here are just some updates, probably pretty boring to most of you!

  • Gavin has one official day of school left.  I’m really sad about this because we LOVE his teachers and he will not be returning there next year (he’s attending a Universal Preschool closer to our house).  Still trying to figure out how and WHEN to explain this change to him.
  • We leave in 15 days for the Autism Institute!  I can hardly believe that.  I’ve been making lists of lists.  It’s hard enough packing for myself but then packing for two little guys to stay at Grandma’s.  I don’t want to overdo it, but I don’t want to forget anything either.  This is also our first experience on the East Coast and I’m super excited!  (Not so excited to fly while 8 1/2 months pregnant!)
  • Speaking of, baby is now head down (woo hoo) and we’ve only got 8-9 weeks to go.  My babies come early, so hopefully this one follows in his brother’s footsteps!
  • We’re in the middle of wedding and birthday season again.  Lots of parties and sugary cake- oh boy!
  • We’ve been working like crazy on our house (not that baby cares what our house looks like when he arrives) but my nesting urges are forcing me to put Josh to work 😉  and for me to organize and reorganize everything.
  • I’ve been trying to find someone who gives private swimming lessons but isn’t too expensive.  I need someone who is willing to take a child as young as Liam (2) and someone who (possibly) has experience with autistic kids.  Gavin isn’t afraid of water, but he does have a sensory issue when it comes to water on his head or face.  Kind of a big deal.  If anyone knows of anyone…………

AND, WALK NOW FOR AUTISM is coming up soon.  Saturday, June 13th starting at 10am at Valley Stadium.  Unfortunately that’s the day we leave for MA, but I’m hoping there’s a fantastic turnout and a lot of money can be raised.  For more information you can visit www.walknowforautism.org/iowa.  We’ll most definitely be doing this next year!

A Boy and His Worms

May 13, 2009

The other day, the boys and I were out cleaning up the yard and underneath a pile of wet leaves I uncovered several worms.  Liam immediately, but gently, picked them up and held them tightly in one hand.  We probably found 20 that day and he picked them ALL up.  He was so excited to show them off to the neighbors when they stopped by for a visit.  Unfortunately, worms don’t live long when they’re held in a two year old’s fist for an hour.  When it was time to go inside, we “sent them home to their mommies” (in worm heaven).


Save this site for a rainy day………….it’s sure to make you laugh out loud (maybe even pee your pants a little!)

The most exciting thing I have to report is that Gavin is now going poopy in the potty ALL THE TIME!!  The night we got home from Omaha he was doing a funny little dance and I took him to the potty where he immediately pooped.  YAY! So we went right out and let him pick out a special toy (that had been the deal all along).

DSCF2986It didn’t take long to pick out this cool talking Thomas train station (of course it has to talk!) And of course Liam was all about Gavin’s new toy.  He’s got the same deal going with us, he just hasn’t figured it out yet.


Gavin hasn’t had an accident in weeks and each day it’s becoming easier for me to wait for him to tell me he has to go instead of asking him every hour.  Whew! It’s been so nice not to have to stock up on Pull-Ups every week.

We also saw Raun Kaufman last Tuesday night.  He was amazing and it made me more excited to go to the Autism Institute in June.  One month to go!

And in case you were wondering, I did pass my second glucose test last week.  I spent 6 HOURS at Mercy though.  UGH! It was a very long, boring day.  Only 11 (maybe 10) more weeks to go!   We’re getting so excited to meet this little guy and finally have him here (I’m afraid Liam thinks he’ll be born ready to play with him).  And no, we still don’t have a name.  People think we’re just keeping it to ourselves, but in all honesty, we do not have one yet.

We’ve also got a lot of stuff going on at the house lately (YAY!)  You can see what we’ve been up to here.


May 4, 2009

We got back late last night from a FABULOUS weekend in Omaha.  The weather couldn’t have been better for starters and we always have  a ton of fun hanging out with our friends and eating.  (We were planning to just be gone Sat-Sun, but when we realized how few meals we’d actually get to eat there, we left Friday afternoon instead!  We love the restaurants in Omaha!)

And of course we did the zoo.  It’s a must.  Our local zoo should be bulldozed.  I’m not kidding.  When you’ve got a world-class zoo two hours away, it’s totally worth the trip. dscf2918

dscf2919The acquarium was a favorite.  I think we’ll have to invest in some goldfish. 😉



The petting zoo was Liam’s absolute favorite spot.  He could have stayed with those baby goats all day.

dscf2943 And once the boys realized that they couldn’t touch most of the animals, they preferred hanging out with the bronzed ones.


Our self-timed family portrait in the jungle.


Crashed after the zoo.  This is the first time that the boys have shared a bed and apparently they like to cuddle!  (You can see Liam’s hand sticking out from underneath Gavin-so sweet!)

AND….the WHOLE reason we went to Omaha this weekend was to see this girl marry this boy.  We love them and are so excited to have been a part of their special day!



Lookin’ pretty snazzy at the wedding

We also spent some time (not enough!) with one of our best friends Tim (Uncle Tim to the boys).  We ate lots of donuts, played some “targs” (guitars) at his shop, and caught up on life (I always forget to take pics when Tim’s around-next time, buddy!)

On a very depressing note, I failed my 28 week glucose test last week and now I have to spend 4-5 hours at the hospital on Wednesday doing another test.  So frustrating (for the over-achiever, perfectionist that I am) and SO BORING!

And to end on a bright note…..Raun Kaufman will be in town tomorrow night!