It’s about time right? I think it’s all the snow.  This has been the best year weather wise and I’ve been having a difficult time believing that it was actually time for Christmas again.  2009 went SO fast and to me, it seems like it should only be about mid-September.  Christmas is 2 weeks away.  WOWSA.  Thanks to all the beautiful snow that dumped on us this week (and the fact that Josh forced me to decorate for Christmas-hey, it’s not fun keeping 2 boys from knocking the trees over), I’m finally getting in the holiday spirit.  (Many thanks to Sufjan Stevens too-if you don’t have his Christmas album you NEED it).

So, I took the boys out to play on Tuesday after it snowed and we had a lot of fun until I told them to make snow angels.  When I was describing how to make them, I just assumed they knew I meant to lay on their backs.  Without thinking twice, they both held out their arms and went down face first.  (Fortunately I was able to capture Liam in this moment!)

All day long while we watched it snow Gav kept asking to go out and play in it.  I was really excited about this because he hates getting wet or anything getting in his eyes.  It was still snowing but as you can see, he had a blast!  (Yes, that’s a monkey hat he’s wearing).

The boys also helped decorate our trees…..all of our ornaments are in clusters at the bottoms.  They were super excited to help and for several days after we had to do EVERYTHING sitting next to the trees.   To quote Liam, “Mommy, let’s just sit here and think about things………and Christmas.” 

AND, my oh-so-crafty mom made these ADORABLE Max (Where the Wild Things Are) stockings for each boy. 

The only problem is that they can’t keep their hands off them!

I especially love this time of year because it’s when a bunch of our out-of-state friends head back this way for the holidays.  Especially excited to see E from Colorado, JJ from Virginia, and C & K from Canada 😉  Can’t wait guys!!