Son-Rise vs. ABA

February 10, 2010

I have been asked by the Autism Institute to post this on my blog.  Those of you in the autism community will fully understand this video.   In case you are not familiar with ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), this video will help explain it a bit.  (FYI: ABA is kind of a bad word around here!)

Raun Kaufman (former autistic child and now CEO of the Institute is on the right.  Pretty amazing huh?!)

Latest News

February 4, 2010

There have been several things I’ve wanted to blog about but either haven’t gotten to it, or it wasn’t enough info for a full post.  So, I’ll just throw them all in for a hodge-podge post.  Sorry for the extreme randomness!

  • Jenny McCarthy(along with 2 physicians) recently started her own health supplement company.  You can check out the website here.  I think that’s what I’d do too if I had loads of money!
  • We’ve been struggling this winter with Gavin waking up BEFORE dawn (like 5am) and then waking Liam up.  We’re thinking about trying one of these but I’m kind of skeptical.  Anyone out there use one?  Do they really work?  It says there’s a money back guarantee, but still that’s a hassle.  What to do…..what to do……. (I’m pretty sure all this stems from our inability to be outside and let out pent-up energy).
  • Last week during Gav’s speech therapy session, his therapist mentioned that she thinks Gav might ALSO have auditory processing disorder.  Yay.  Something else to add to the mix.   APD happens when the brain is not correctly processing sounds or language.   This explains why Gav often just stares at me after I tell him something.  His brain is trying to process what I say.  Often if I tell him to go do something and he doesn’t, I get upset because I feel he’s disobeying, when in reality, he most likely didn’t understand.   So, we need to slow down, speak in shorter sentences, and repeat as many times as needed.  It also explains why he loves music so much and how he can pick out various instruments and tones within a song.

  • We are now in the market for a dog.  A boxer puppy to be exact. I made the mistake of finding this cutie online and showing him to Josh.  We now find ourselves with a submitted application and a visit scheduled for Saturday.  Oh boy! (For those of you who don’t know, Trinity was our first “baby” that Josh and I raised (tried to) after we moved back to Des Moines.  We loved her for 8 years then had to put her to sleep in ’08 after a bout with throat cancer).   We’re crazy, I know.  BUT, from everything I’ve read, animals are very good for autistic kids and we know from experience how good boxers are with children.  Fingers crossed on this one!
  • Liam potty-trained in HALF a day.  Seriously.  I’ve known he could do it for some time now, his issue was that he was just to busy to stop and go.  I finally took away his diapers and made him wear underwear.  He had a few accidents one morning and has been going on the potty ever since.  (And he does everything by himself. Often I don’t even know he’s gone until he comes out and tells me. It’s been SO nice saving about $30 a month in diapers.  Now if we could just get Tate to sit on the pot……….
  • Speaking of Taters, he’s doing great.  Still super happy and he now has 4 teeth!  He’s rolling like crazy and working on sitting up for an extended period of time.  That’s always such a relief when they can sit by themselves and play.  And he loves, loves, loves his brothers.  He squeals and yells whenever they’re around……yes, he’s going to be loud too…..maybe even the loudest.

I guess that’s about it for now.  I’m beginning to work on a post to introduce you to all our Son-Rise volunteers.  More to come soon!