Our Life the Last Few Weeks

March 6, 2010

We’ve entered another season of changes around here.  Not bad stuff, just different for our family.  It seems like we’ve been in changing times for a while now. Here’s to hoping that this spring is calm and quiet.  Oh wait.  Who am I kidding??  I live in a house with 4 boys and a puppy. 

Tank (or “Tank the Dog” as Liam calls him) joined our family Valentine’s weekend.  He’s been a REALLY good dog so far and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he stays that way!  He’s great with the boys and they are having a blast taking care of him.  I’m anxious for spring when we can be outside for longer than 10 minutes and take him on walks and go visiting our other dog friends in the neighborhood.   (Tank was already named when we found him at the shelter and poor TATE-he always looks bewildered when we have to yell at the dog). 

Josh also changed his schedule at work so he’ll be gone most evenings now.  While that sounded awful at first, we realized that he will see the boys for 6 hours a day now instead of the 3-4 when he was working his other hours.   Not a bad thing, just a different schedule which will take some time to get adjusted to (it’s all me for dinner, bathtime and bedtime).  We’ve decided to start having big family lunches before he goes off to work so we can still have a meal together as a family.  Then at dinnertime, when my boys are usually not their happiest, I can just fix something easy and quick.   And it’s SO nice having him around more so I can run errands and do day to day stuff without having to drag all 3 boys around.  It’s been great!

I finally purchased the Good Nite Lite and L-O-V-E it!!  If you have kiddos with sleep issues, I highly recommend it!  The boys get really excited at night when the moon comes on and in the morning, they usually wake up a few minutes before the sun comes on, but when it does, Gav usually yells, “It’s on! It’s on! It’s orange.  Get up! Get up Liam!!!”  They know they have to stay in their beds and stay quiet until it goes from a moon to a sun.  Seriously.  Best. Invention. Ever.  It’s a clock for little people who can’t yet tell time.  (A big thank you to Emily Miller who recommended this!)

And, our big excitement this past week was that Gav and Liam went to the dentist for the first time. (I know, Gav’s 5-he should have seen the dentist years ago).  Here’s the thing, Gavin doesn’t like to lay on his back, he doesn’t like loud noises, he doesn’t like people in his mouth (who does really?)  and he’s always very apprehensive about new things.  So you can see why I’ve been putting this off.  And, it pretty much went as I guessed it would.  We’d spent weeks before the appointment talking about it and reading books about going to the dentist. 

We had Liam go first because he was excited and I knew he wouldn’t have any issues.  Gavin was really happy to watch Liam get his teeth cleaned, but the minute the nurse made Gav lay back in the chair, he started getting really upset.  It ended up that Josh (thank goodness he came with us) had Gav laying in his lap while the dentist had Gav’s head in his lap.  Through all the screaming, he was able to get a good look in his mouth and cleaned his teeth super-fast.  I doubt we’ll be going back for their 6 month cleaning (seriously, they’re just baby teeth)……maybe we’ll try again in a year.

One Response to “Our Life the Last Few Weeks”

  1. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    LOVE Lambie hanging off the chair. Always comforting to have him around!
    and that last pic . . . I had to look twice to see if it was Gav or Leebs. (although I knew Gav wouldn’t be smiling after that torture.)

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