Hellllloooooo Summer!

June 1, 2010

Gavin had his last Son-Rise time this past Friday so we are officially celebrating the start to summer!  We’ve had tons of fun already and it’s shaping up to be a great summer (I’m probably most excited that I’m not hugely pregnant this year so we can be out enjoying life without me getting sweaty in weird places and uber cranky….oh wait, that happens anyway).

We are ecstatic that Baby Eisley is FINALLY here and we are planning to snuggle and moochie her a LOT this summer.  The boys have already nicknamed her “Princess Eisley” (because she IS) and we can’t get enough of her sweet cheeks and precious smiles.  Yay for baby girl cousin!

We had some serious pool fun last week when some dear friends were in town with their new little peanut.  The boys jumped in the pool for the first time this summer (Tate and peanut’s first time ever!)

When did this kid get so big??  We’re about 8 weeks out from him turning 1.  Wow.  That was the fastest year ever.  I’m kinda mourning that part of the summer, so I’m going to stop talking about it.  If I don’t think or talk about it, it won’t happen, right?  I could seriously keep him this little forever.

Gav starts swimming lessons this month and has been doing great during pool therapy at ChildServe.  Last session, he jumped off the side, went clear under water and came up happy (usually he can’t stand to get his head wet or even splashed).

June is turning into a busy month.  We’ve already celebrated my dad and Josh’s birthdays (Happy Birthday Crappa!), Aunt Julie is in town this week from Colorado, some great friends are coming the middle of June for several days, the boys have VBS, and we hope to fit in a trip to the Omaha zoo.  July we’ll be celebrating Tate’s first birthday in KC with the whole fam.  All this while trying to figure out what we’re going to do with Gavin this fall (Son-Rise? public school? homeschool?)  Yikes!

Another highlight to our summer is the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  We have a fantastic one and it’s always packed-a great place to people watch.  The best part of the FM is that there’s a GF tent this year!  We bought her M&M cookies last week and they were delish!  If you have to eat GF and live in the area, I highly recommend the Letz Bake tent!  She has loaves of bread, muffins, cookies, and cakes all made with Domata flour (which I noticed you can now buy at Hy-Vee).  Finally an easier substitution!

Enjoy your summer-I know we will!

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