June 15, 2010

So the Department of Human Services is coming here tomorrow morning.  I’ve told a few people this and you should see the looks I get.  One person even jokingly (sort of) asked if they were coming to take my children away.  (They actually might if the appointment was for today and they saw the state of my house and found out we had breakfast for dinner more than once last week and smelled that my kids hadn’t bathed since…..well…..I’m not really sure).

We finally get to meet Gavin’s new social worker.  After almost 2 years of being on a waiting list for the Ill and Handicapped Waiver, he was recently awarded a spot.   We now start the process of home visits, mountains of paperwork, and everything else I have yet to understand.

Here’s the kicker.  Gav was “awarded” (a term they use a lot which I think is kind of ironic considering why we need this waiver in the first place) a considerable amount of money per month. This money is for things like respite care and such.  Basically, paying someone to come into our home to watch Gav in order to give me and Josh a break.  I was told that we don’t have to use a respite service, but that we can hire a relative or a friend.  Guess Grandma’s gettin paid!  (I’m sure she’s thinking it’s about time she got a little compensation for ALL those times she’s watched the boys).  Just kidding, Mom!

Seriously though.  I have no idea what tomorrow’s meeting is going to look like, but I keep having this picture of a woman going through our house, checking under the beds, the closets, going through my cupboards.  Weird I know.  She probably won’t even leave the living room but every time I think about this meeting I feel like I need to take a toothbrush to the tile and freakishly clean EVERYTHING just to prove I AM A FIT MOTHER!!!!   (Instead, here I sit at 8:30pm and I have absolutely no strength left to clean or even pick up stuff).  So if the kids get taken away…………

4 Responses to “DHS”

  1. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    so . . . does that cover back pay?

  2. Meredith said

    praying for you today, that you have peace & the meeting goes really well. we need to get together again soon!

    @barb-LOL! you are too funny!

  3. Elisabeth said

    ummmmmm…i think they would be MORE worried if your house was perfectly spotless. when you have kids spanning the ages you have- no house SHOULD be immaculate. your house is not filthy by any means- it’s lived in. cut yourself some slack, em!!! 🙂

    our nephew (via joy jochems) was born without a cerebellum, which directly impacts his ability to speak and walk. he is pretty darn good at walking, has learned to sign, and attempts verbalizing about 15 different words that the family, friends, and educational community understand. since he does qualify for respite care, he too has his grammy staying with him a few days a week and getting paid! there’s no better feeling than knowing people you love and are close to will be caring for your little loves in your absence. thank GOD for strong and supportive families. 🙂

  4. emily said

    em i haven’t read blogs in so long! i’m so glad this all went well! we need to get together! 🙂

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