DHS Part 2

June 16, 2010

So Anne Marie came promptly at 9:30 this morning.  Gavin was a perfect gentleman and greeted her at the door, then happily went off to play quietly with Liam.  She was very nice and not once did she go through my closets or ask when the children had last bathed. (Although she wanted to sit at the dining room table and of course I haven’t mopped the floor in, well…..months probably-YUCK).  Sorry your feet stuck to the floor Anne Marie!

During our time, she informed us that she has close to 300 clients in 4 counties, so my bubble burst a little when I realized we would not be building a relationship with her and we most likely will see her next to never.   (I know my idea of having our social worker just pop in occasionally to check on us seemed a little far fetched, but it would be nice).  We’ll be lucky if she can put a face with our name when we call or email. 

After all was said and done, we chose some services that will be most beneficial to our situation.  Granny’s getting paid and we were able to sign Gav up for day camp that runs daily through the middle of August.  (All completely and totally paid for!)  The best thing about this day camp is that it’s run by, you guessed it, ChildServe-Gavin’s happy place.  The people are beyond great and I feel completely at ease leaving him in their hands every day.  He’s going to love the peer interaction and all the fun activities (Trust me, this mommy is NO FUN in the afternoons when the little guys are napping.  Gavin tells me often that he’s bored). Not anymore!!

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