Butterflies, Baristas, and Big Boys

June 18, 2010

We ended up releasing our butterflies last Sunday night.   8 out of 10 emerged from their cocoons (one never did and one emerged with a deformed wing-gross and weird).   Once their wings were dried, they all hung out at the top of the hut just pleading to be released.  We headed over to Grandma’s beautiful garden in hopes that all her flowers would lure them out into the world.

(The first one we released was swooped by a bird.  Don’t tell the boys, they didn’t see it.)

Along with raising butterflies, Gavin has also become proficient at making carmel macchiatos and such.   I mentioned a few posts ago that one of his favorite spots is Starbucks and he LOVES to pretend (yay!) to make coffee in his play kitchen.  A friend (a former Starbucks Coffee Master) recently gave the boys her Starbucks aprons.  Gav is a barista-in-training (baristo? I feel like that word should end in an “o” when talking about males.  High school spanish, am I right?)


Gav’s coffee is always served hot, quick, and usually only costs $1. 

I love this picture.  Tate now has to do everything the other two are doing and G and L have been playing SO good together lately.  They’re also having a ton of fun with Tate now that he’s “growing up to be a big boy” as Liam likes to say. (The other reason I love this picture is that Grandma recently bought the big boys new jammies and they wear them ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, Liam changes out of his clothes after lunch just so he can wear his “Buzz Lightyears” to nap time).

And little Tate recently decided he wants to climb….everything.  Crawling is now not as much fun.  He pulls himself up on anything that might possibly support him (sometimes he’s not so lucky and then for some reason can’t figure out how to sit back down so he’s left standing awkwardly until someone helps him).  The other day I caught him pulling himself up to a standing position on the side of my bed, step up onto the platform (4″ off the ground),then lift his hefty little leg and crawl up into the bed.  Gonna have to watch this one like a hawk.  As you can tell, he usually just plays it cool and climbs when no ones looking!

In other family news, we have the Autism Walk tomorrow (which I totally dropped the ball on raising money and support), we are camping in a few weeks and I’m nervous, we also started biking as a family and Gav can kick my butt around Grays Lake.  Geesh.  The kid has STAMINA!

3 Responses to “Butterflies, Baristas, and Big Boys”

  1. aunt katie said

    love all these pics! that pic of tate standing there reminds me of a similar pic of Gav…something about his chubby feet and awkwardly turned out ankles

  2. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    is it just me, or does that garden look like a BUTTERFLY HABITAT?!?!? I mean!!

  3. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    oh, and I LOVE the stair-step boys at the kitchen.
    what a great shot!

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