Today Was a Good Day

August 26, 2010

Well. It happened.  Gavin went off to kindergarten today.  I mean, I’ve known this was coming for the last 5+ years, but seriously, he can’t possibly be that old already.  Josh said it best last night, “It feels like we’re racing through life in a car without breaks.”  (Must be a Toyota). 

The classic outside the front door pose.  Seriously, why is this where the first day of school pics always happen?  Everyone has pictures outside the front door growing up. 

This is kind of how the morning went before school.  Gav was excited but a bit apprehensive, Liam was kind of ticked off, Tate was clueless, I’m trying not to cry, and Josh is trying to hold everyone together.

We are so thankful that Gav gets to go to our neighborhood school (ONE BLOCK AWAY!) It was an absolute perfect day so we walked.  Liam HAD to wear his back pack just like big bro.

Kindergarten Open House was yesterday afternoon so we were able to meet his teacher, see his room and desk and check out the school.  It was a perfect way to ease him and all the little ones into school and made the first day that much smoother.

He came home with a big grin this afternoon telling us all about his day: recess, sliding, snacks.  Kindergarten is the best!

And I’m now coming down with a wicked case of mastitis.  It’s as if my body knows a baby chick has left the nest and it’s protesting.  I feel awful.  So this is what I’ve been doing all afternoon:

Today was a good day.

Little Gav’s going off to kindergarten in a few short weeks.  We’re squeezing every possible second out of this summer for sure.  In all our goings around and chats with the people we need to chat with, we’ve decided to place Gav in our neighborhood school.  It’s really quite perfect.  It’s a block away.  We can walk or ride bikes to school every day until it’s too blustery to stand it.  He’s already familiar with the playground, we’re there several times a week. 

In all my fears and worries, at registration I ran into a sweet acquaintence who just so happened to be signing her son up for kindergarten too.  I think we both were a little relieved to know at least one other family at the school. (We have NO neighbor kids around us and know no one else who attends there).

So today we had the adventure of school supply shopping.  Seriously was my favorite thing about going back to school.  Fresh paper, newly sharpened pencils, my favorite kind of pens that made my handwriting look really cool.  Oh I loved it!!  (Unfortunately Gavin’s kindergarten list was far from exciting.  All the folders had to be solid colored and the rest of the stuff was like dry erase markers, kleenex and glue sticks).  Pretty sure the kindergarten classes are stocking the whole school with supplies due to budget cuts.  Gav needed 12 glue sticks.  All this for a kid who hates art projects.

   ANYWAY, since Gav was getting all new stuff, of course the middlest needed new stuff too.  And since “cartwheel school” was a bust, well, he doesn’t have much to look forward to*

And, drumroll please…………………….

Mr. Gavin Walker Hulling officially graduated from physical therapy last Thursday.  He even got a certificate (where the PT forgot to place his name in the “Child’s Name Here” spot.  Good thing he can’t read yet!)  He’s so stinkin proud of his certificate too.   And this mama’s so proud of her little guy.  He’s such a hard worker and it’s SO nice cutting out one of his therapies!

* Liam was going to take a tumbling class (which he can never remember the name and ends up calling it “cartwheel school”).  So we went to the place last night to check it out and he cried and clung to Josh the whole time.  Yeah, don’t think I’m paying for that.