What Have I Done???

September 2, 2010

I waged war last night with my middle son and lost horribly.  He is now the EXTREMELY proud owner of those ATROCIOUS light up Lighting McQueen shoes.  If you know me, you know that I HATE cartoony characters on my kids’ clothing.  It actually drives me crazy. I know. I shouldn’t care.  BUT I DO.  I prefer the styles of Gap, Old Navy, and Crewcuts.  I like when my boys look like hip little gentlemen.

Here’s the deal.  The Middlest has been feeling very blue lately.  This whole school thing with Gav-being jealous and missing his big brother and not being able to do everything that he gets to do.  Every day, he tells me feels sick and needs me to hold him.  He’s had more meltdowns in the last few weeks than I care to remember.  I know some of it is that he’s just 3.  He’s testing the waters, pushing the limits, trying my patience.

So last night, we were discussing the fact that Gav will be starting soccer soon and I pulled out some cleats for him to try on.  (These were my nephew’s and in no way are they new, but that didn’t matter to Liam).  You should have seen the sad little puppy dog look he gave me when I told him that I didn’t have any other cleats for him because he’s not playing soccer right now.  He suddenly didn’t feel good again and was so bummed.  My heart broke for the middlest who gets EVERYTHING handed down, and who never gets to experience anything first.

I decided that it was time for Liam to get some new shoes (his hand-me-down Nikes were lookin pretty worn).  So we headed to the mall and that was our first mistake.  I should have known that this McQueenhead would immediately go for the UGLY crazy shoes.  Josh tried his hardest to get him interested in the super cute Pumas and Nikes, but this boy wasn’t having it.  None of those “fit” but sure enough, the McQueen shoes “fit perfectly”.  (And I wasn’t about to spend $40 on shoes that he didn’t want).

You should have seen the looks Josh and I were giving over his head.  We were battling our inner desires for our son to wear normal shoes that would go with more than one outfit.  And then it hit me.  It’s just a pair of shoes.  This boy, being the independent spirit that he is, will probably wear a lot of things growing up that I don’t care for.  But you know what?  He left that store (wearing them) feeling on top of the world.  He was the only brother who got new shoes last night and he is darn proud of those ugly things.  And I can just hope that his feet keep growing as fast as they have been!


10 Responses to “What Have I Done???”

  1. haverlee said

    Pretty sure we can’t be friends anymore.

    jk 🙂 you’re a good mom…hopefully he’ll remember this when he’s a teenager. and hey, i’ll just learn my lesson from your mistakes. I’ll NEVER bring the boys with me when they need new shoes!! ha!

  2. aunt katie said

    Comparable to the atrocious green and yellow stripe shirt I wore every single day one summer. Sometimes you just feel GOOD in something that the rest of the world deems hideous.

  3. Meredith said

    yes, we had to concede to that same battle a while back. i still refuse the “light up shoes”…which drive me insane!! (you are not alone!) i can just about picture the whole scenario at the mall. 🙂

    just get some great quality pictures of him in them to use later on (when he is 7 or maybe next month, knowing Liam) when he says, “you NEVER get me anything that I want.”

    katie is right!! 🙂

  4. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    I’m so SO glad you bought Leebs the light-up shoes.
    I doubt if there’s anything cooler in the world of 3-year olds. Good call, mom!
    Light-ming Aqueen forEVAH!!!!

  5. recoveringgavin said

    Haverlee:I’d be MORE THAN HAPPY to pass these beauties along when Liam’s done with them! 😉
    Mere: Great idea about the picture. So far I’ve been using them as leverage to get him to obey. One threat of taking the shoes away and he shapes right up. Maybe they’re not so bad after all.
    Kate:I’m SO glad you finally “lost” that shirt. 😉

  6. erica said

    It could be worse. He could have wanted Crocs….

  7. Courtney Wilson said

    Oh Em! This post made me laugh so hard! I am proud to say I have NOT given in on the character shoes or light up shoes yet – 9 years into this parenting thing – BUT I had to lay aside my “no characters” rule when someone blessed my #2 with a whole stack of Buzz Lightyear shirts – and it was all he would wear. And yes, I remember coming to that exact realization – it’s just a shirt (and repeating it over and over again…). Your kids will still have great taste – maybe even better when they look at those pictures and think – “Why did you let me wear those atrocious shoes?!?!?” and “WOW my mom was amazing to let me have those!” You’re an awesome mommy – pat yourself on the back every time you see those little lights!

  8. Emily said

    hahaha!!! hilarious! i am NOT nearly as into the style thing as you are but then my kids never look nearly as cute as yours. but i do know how you feel and i think it ALWAYS pays to say yes when it really doesn’t matter…goodness knows we have to say no enough! if it brings them a little joy then it’s totally worth it in my opinion! 🙂 you are a GREAT mommy!

  9. Bridie said

    Just think what awful things you will have to buy Tate since he’ll be even more upset since he gets 2 time hand me downs! 🙂

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