(No) Labor Day Weekend

September 12, 2010

(I just realized today that I never actually published this.  Sorry for the old news and the old pictures for those of you on facebook).

I love holiday weekends.  There’s just something about them that makes me drop everything that needs to/has to/should be done and just relax.  Even better is when we get to relax with people we love. (And this late post is exactly what happens when I drop everything for 3 days-I end up playing catch-up the rest of the week.  UGH!)

LAST Sunday was our birthday buddy celebration.  (I think I’ve mentioned these before).  All the adults in our family have birthdays close together, so we celebrate them 2 at a time.  We headed to Ames to celebrate my birthday and my mama’s.  Katie had a lovely table set in the shade of their beautiful backyard.  It was a perfect day and all the littles enjoyed playing outside.

Later in the day, “Uncle” Tim drove in from Omaha to hang out for the weekend.  He’s always a good time and the boys ADORE him (he is a rockstar you know).

Monday dawned early with a crazy game of dart wars.

Then we headed downtown to the Sculpture Park.  We LOVE this place.

My favorite is Nomade.  The boys love finding their names within his walls.

And probably the most fun the boys had this weekend was flying their kite.  I’ve had it for about 2 years now and had yet to pull it from the box.  Every once in a while Liam asks to fly it and it’s never been a good time.  Monday was perfectly windy and warm.  The boys headed to Gav’s school because it has the best open field.

And to round out the weekend, the boys had a jam session with Tim.

We’re excited to head to Omaha in a few weeks to hang out with Tim some more and our good friends the Garretts. Yay!

One Response to “(No) Labor Day Weekend”

  1. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    Over and over. I scroll these pics over and over.
    and save them to my compy.
    and look at them.
    and make them my wallpaper.
    thanks for remembering to post this.

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