Bullet Points

December 17, 2010

Life has been crazy lately. Loud and crazy.  The story of my life. Hard to believe Christmas is a week  away.  Lots of stuff going through my head.  I think about blogging a lot, REALLY I do, but I don’t have much time to sit and write out my thoughts.  So……you get bullet points.  VERY RANDOM bullet points. (Erica, these are mostly for you!)

  • We had Gav’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting about a month ago.  It was AWESOME.  I had been feeling unsure of our school decision, but after the 2+ hours of meeting with all his teachers, I couldn’t be more confident that this is the best place for Gavin to be.
  • Liam has been very curious about heaven lately.  Mostly how we get there…. and whether or not he can take Lambie with him.  And he’s worried about me dying.  I’m so not ready for these conversations yet.
  • I love, love, love the Chanel No. 5 commercials with Audrey Tautou.  Man is she beautiful.  Gonna have to pull out Amelie over Christmas break.
  • I’m already sick of the cold weather.
  • Tate plays with his toys and makes “ptchoo” sounds.  Say it out loud.  Yep. Everything is a gun.
  • There is nothing better than dancing to Rosie Thomas’ Christmas album with my boys.
  • 2011 is going to be better than 2010.
  • I asked Liam what he was getting me for Christmas and he told me “gum”.  Big spender that kid.  Watch out ladies!
  • I want to be a part of a flash mob someday. Seriously how fun would that be??
  • My mom is a DIY genius!
  • I wish I could just curl up with a hot cup of Caribou coffee and a good book WHENEVER I so choose.
  • Modern Family is the greatest show on television right now. Cam is freakin hilarious.
  • Christmas decorations, a toddler, and a disobedient dog go together like oil and water.  Now I know why my mom grew up with the Christmas tree in the playpen every year. 
  • On that note, our dog is getting a shock collar for Christmas.  Merry Christmas pup!
  • As always, I’m excited to see all our far-away friends who come home for the holidays. 
  • Planning on a quiet New Year’s this year with some very dear friends who we don’t see nearly enough.   They’re good for my soul.
  • Jolly Holiday Lights was ridiculously funny with the boys this year.  Tate constantly yelled “OH!” and waved at everything. 
  • My sis is in NYC right now shopping at all my favorite stores.  I’m so jealous! I’m so going with her next year.

One boy is being Buzz Lightyear with swords and swinging at the furniture. One boy is singing O Come O Come Emmanuel at the top of his lungs.  And one boy is throwing a massive tantrum because I’m not holding him.  How much longer can I pretend I don’t hear anything………………

6 Responses to “Bullet Points”

  1. Meredith said

    YES! i love bullet points!! Why are you calling me Erica? oh, wait. you mean another one of your friends loves bullet points & updates on the hullings?

    -i know it probably is not a comical thing to be in your life 24/7, but the little snippets of your life make me think it is hilarious all the time! 🙂

    -I think I am most excited for Tank this christmas…correction, it’s a “training collar”–makes it sound much more humane! 🙂 you will be amazed, for sure.

    -i had to say tate’s play word out loud, twice. yeah, it hasn’t been the brightest day for me. 🙂

    -2011 HAS TO, HAS TO, HAS TO be better than this suck year. i am with you for sure

    -i just realized I am commenting in bullets! :)HAHAHAHA! for real. i didn’t realize it until just now. i am a.big.nerd

    -i asked your sister if she needed a camera bag holder for her trip, b/c I am great at carrying things…it is a crying shame that neither one of us has been to the big NYC yet. SOMEDAY!!!

  2. Erica said


    There’s really no way to express just how much a new Hulling blog post made my day! And then for it to be in bullets! AND THEN for it to be SO MANY UPDATES! I mean I’m just about beside myself with joy. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    I’m coming home on Monday for the week, so let’s make it happen! What day/night/morning/afternoon/evening/you-name-it-I’ll-be-there-time works for you???

    Love love love,

  3. someone special is at the door . . . it's GRANDMA!! said

    did you just call me a genius?

  4. haverlee said

    -What’s a flash mob?
    -I so wish the same thing (about the coffee and a book). I can’t wait for all my kids to be out of the house. Kidding (sort of).
    -Cold weather sucks.
    -did you read my blog post about decorating for Christmas??? I SO do NOT regret my decision 🙂

  5. Elisabeth said

    “Planning on a quiet New Year’s this year with some very dear friends who we don’t see nearly enough. They’re good for my soul.”


  6. recoveringgavin said

    Meredith:what is most comical about my life is that I’m pretty sure that I will someday be the crazy lady who hears voices in her head due to all the noise I have to endure; i’m definitely going to call it a “shock” collar because that is how I feel about Tank ;)knowing katie,she probably packed tons of luggage-I’m sure she could use several baggage carriers!
    Erica: yay! yay! yay! can’t wait to see you this week! we’ll chat to figure out the best time.
    Haverlee: best flash mob youtube videos here:

    And I just read your blog-I’m so with you! Our trees get knocked over almost every day and we’ve had about a dozen broken ornaments.
    Mom: yes you ARE a genius!
    Ebeth: CANNOT wait!

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