Jump for Autism

March 30, 2011

One of Gav’s favorite places on earth (besides Grandma’s house) is Pump It Up (an indoor inflatable wonderland). 

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, Pump It Up has teamed up with Autism Speaks to host The 3rd Annual Great Open Jump.  It’s their yearly fundraiser  for autism and everyone can jump for FREE with a donation to Autism Speaks.  You can find more info here.

Also, earlier that afternoon, from 3-5pm, they are offering a FREE Sensory Jump Time for all spectrum kids and their siblings.  More details about that here.

We plan to be there most of the afternoon and evening.  Come join us!!

(Pump It Up also offers a monthly Sensory Night for all special needs kids the 2nd Wednesday night of each month.  More details here.)

My Superhero Turned 4

March 28, 2011

Seems like overnight, this guy:

(Eating coffee grounds out of the trash)

turned into this guy:

A handsome, sweet, gentle, FUNNY, intelligent, kind, loveable, talkative, creative, imaginative boy who acts more like 14 than 4.  He loves both his brothers and fits perfectly into his role as middle brother.  Just a little pesky with a HUGE heart who would do anything for anyone.  I love you, Leenbean! 

Light It Up Blue

March 21, 2011

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and this year we’re taking part in Light It Up Blue.  LIUB is a nationwide campaign to raise awareness for autism.  Buildings and homes across the country will be blue-even the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!!

You can snag these blue Autism Speaks bulbs at Home Depot (Urbandale only) for $1.65 and $1 goes to Autism Speaks!   We’ll be lighting up our porch for the entire month of April (it’s Autism Awareness Month). 

We also got one of these (I’m a sucker for the puzzle piece-the Autism Speaks logo).  The lantern can shine either white OR blue.  Pretty sweet. 

So if someone you love has autism, join us in LIGHT IT UP BLUE all month!


March 19, 2011

Josh took the boys “adventuring” last weekend while Tate and I were still recovering from the flu.  Liam was sick for only about 2 days and you can tell in some of the shots that Gav was not quite up to speed.  Liam had been CLIMBING the walls (poor guy) and was SO ready to get out of the house after being cooped up for a solid week with the sickies.

 When you go adventuring, swords are a must.

The “clubhouse” that they “discovered”.  (Hate to break it to you boys, but it looks like you weren’t the first to “discover” it).

Oh look! A deer!…………..or Tank.

Why is rock-throwing such a hit with little boys??


Saturday Night Fever

March 13, 2011

The littlest spent last night at the ER.  The past 3 weeks have been filled with fevers, diarreha, and vomiting.  (Before you get all jumpy that I let 3 WHOLE WEEKS go by without doing anything, please know that these things would happen every few days, with several good days thrown in and a lot of it I attributed to teeth…..and the flu that the rest of the family endured all last week).

After he woke up from his nap yesterday with yet another HIGH fever, I decided he should see a doctor.  Of course the walk-in clinic Josh took him to spent 2 hours poking and prodding before deciding he needed to head to the emergency room.

The majority of our night was spent waiting for blood tests to come back.  Guess what people?  I DON’T VACCINATE MY CHILDREN.  (Again, before you get all jumpy, I have done TONS of research and I have an autistic son at home to prove my beliefs). 

BUT…..I had totally forgotten that I’d be asked SEVERAL TIMES if Tate was all up to date on his vaccinations.  It’s funny when you say no.  They just stop.  Nurses don’t know what to do.  They immediately ask/assume it’s for religious reasons.  No, I say.  It’s for autistic reasons. 

At about 11pm I could have really gotten into it with a doctor who started her little speech with, “You know.  Studies have shown…..”  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard this.  I totally know where this is going.  I just held up my hand to stop her.  Lady, you try living at my house with my autistic son for a while before telling me that vaccines HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH AUTISM.  NOTHING????  REALLY????? ARE YOU SURE???????    Or how about the mom I sit with every week at ChildServe who has a son who was fine until 18 months and then slipped into a coma after some routine shots and now has to relearn how to walk, eat, and speak.

Ok, whew.  I’m done.  Seriously could’ve thrown some fisticuffs (yes, I just said fisticuffs) last night I think.  Good thing Josh was there to reign me in.  There’s not much I get upset about, but boy oh boy that topic is a hot button for me. 

ANYWAY, back to the situation.  So (as I heard SEVERAL times last night) “Because your son hasn’t been vaccinated,” they had to run several blood tests to make sure his blood “wasn’t growing anything”.  Blood work at the path lab takes over an hour, so little T sat with an IV drip while we waited and waited.

Turns out he has the flu (which we already knew).  It was hard not to laugh in my delirious (still sick) state when all the medical people kept calling it influenza all night.  Seriously.  We know you’re smart.  That’s weird, just call it the flu like everyone else does.

The IV drip helped immensely and Tate has been more back to normal today (although he hasn’t made up for all the lost sleep last night).  The rest of the family is also finally on the mend from our bout with influenza. 

Here’s to hoping your family is free of influenza!  How many more times can I say influenza? 

Please know that I totally respect those families who choose to vaccinate their children.  We would still probably vaccinate if we did not, as I like to call it, have a vaccine injured son.  I mostly get worked up at the medical community who has been fed a certain set of rules and beliefs and believe there is no other way.  Here’s to hoping that they will spend more time and money searching for the cause and a cure for autism than trying to prove that their vaccines are harmless. 

For more information on the topic of vaccinations, please visit this site.


March 7, 2011

This is what happens when I try to blog, check my email, eat some lunch, and keep track of some munchkins all at the same time:

They cleaned my plate.  And Tate loves bread crusts.  Loves them.  He swipes them off the brothers’ plates whenever he gets a chance.  What kid likes crusts?

Now do you see why I don’t get much blogging done…….or anything for that matter?

Side note: We have been icky sick around here and no one looks this happy……or clean.  This post was written a week ago before the flu hit us HARD.  Jammies have been on since…um….I think Saturday.  Gross I know.

Growing Up

March 5, 2011

Gavin lost his first tooth on Thursday. 

 No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get my boys to stop growing.  My friend Paula put it into perspective when she said, “At least they’re not driving and dating!”

To be completely honest, I’ve had a bit of trouble with him losing a tooth!  It’s unbelievable to me that my baby could really be old enough to start losing teeth.  I feel like we’ve entered a new chapter in his life.  He really isn’t a little kid anymore.  

My test waffle is growing up so fast!

Gav also had his first school program yesterday.  On my sister’s birthday.  To her, it was the greatest birthday gift ever to attend her Gavie’s program. (She’s been waiting 6 years for this!)  I had high hopes of posting great pics from the event, but due to the fact that they crammed 80 kids on a tiny stage and Gavin is one of the tallest in his class, we couldn’t see him AT ALL during their performance.  Here’s about the only shots we got:


Gav’s directly below the hoop in the back row.  I suppose I should get used to my kids back there.  These short little legs never saw anything but the front row.

19 Going on 4

March 4, 2011

My youngest continues to amaze me.  He’s literally 19 months going on age 4.  I thought the middlest was independent but this one blows him out of the water.  Wow.  And he’s LOUD.  I guess he’s gotta be to be heard, but man!

One of Tate’s favorite job is helping to unload the dishwasher. 

Look how proud he is!


He also refuses to sit in his booster.  APPARENTLY he thinks he’s old enough to go without.  So he stands. 

And he also does this:

While he has yet to actually go in the potty, he asks to sit on it several times a day.  One I finally don’t have to force!

He also takes his bike for a spin (or a slow walk…..he can’t quite reach the pedals).

It’s amazing what having two older brothers can do!

But on the flip side, while he’s super independent and “No” is his favorite word when I try to help him with something, he also knows very well his place in the birth order.  When he’s not acting all independent and grown up, he’s clinging to my leg yelling, “Up”.  This boy would be carried ALL DAY LONG if I let him.  I have one awesome Jillian Michaels arm.