B is for Broker**

June 23, 2011

That’s our new word around here.   For some of the mountains of paperwork that I have to fill out for Gav to get state funding, we have to hire a broker.  So I was given a list of brokers and told to set up a meeting with one.  I did.  I have no idea what a broker is/does.  Do you?   Our first meeting is this afternoon.

I was told by a friend of mine (who happened to use this same broker) that he’s very good at what he does.  That’s good because I have no idea what he does.  All I know is that I have an inch thick packet of paper that we have to go through with him and sign our lives away (much like when you buy a house).  We have to do things like get a Tax ID # and and Employer ID #.  We have to “hire” employees and have them fill out appropriate paperwork.  Good thing he’s good at what he does. 

You know how when you only talk to someone on the phone, you have a certain image in your head of what you think they look like?  This whole time we’ve had very professional, to-the-point conversations with no room for humor, so of course I pictured this man wearing suits to bed.  I googled him last night.  He’s a local musician who appears to wear a lot of leather and sunglasses.  Funny.  Think I should bring up the fact that I know that at our meeting today? 

I’m nervous.  Mostly because I don’t get all the jargon and tax stuff and legal stuff.  Obviously I don’t get it because I call it “stuff”.  So professional.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  (Fortunately I was able to schedule our meeting when my smart, VERY outgoing husband who-can-crack-the-ice-with-anyone can be there).

**Our meeting went very well.  It was much more laid back than I expected, our broker was too.  He answered my questions, explained everything in clear, simple terms, and it only lasted 45 minutes.  He pretty much takes care of everything, so YAY!

Puddle Jumpin’

June 8, 2011

A few weeks back after several rainy days in a row, a bout of sunshine lured us outside for a walk…….and the puddles lured in the boys. 

(Yes, we ended up in the cemetary by our house.  No cars and much better than jumping in all the puddles in the street).

Whirlwind Weekend

June 7, 2011

First off, thanks for all your well-wishes and hopes for a girl.  We’re kind of hoping for a girl around here too.  I’m 14 weeks and finally feeling better.  It was rough there for a while.  Gavin cried when we told the boys because he ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT want another (pesky) brother.  We are going to find out the sex (in about 4 weeks) because 1)Gav will need time to come to grips with another brother if it’s a boy, 2) Josh will need time to come to grips with things if it’s a girl.  (I also need to know for decorating and room arrangement purposes.  I know, shallow right?)

 ANYWAY, we had a most excellent weekend and today we’re not doing a darn thing.  It felt SOOOO good not to have to get up early and be out the door by 8am like we did all school year.  We stayed in our jammies until 11 and the boys have been playing quietly together all morning (we’ll see how long that lasts this summer!)

Our zoo trip Saturday was a blast, although there were about 5,000 people (not exagerating) there and the lines were LOOOOOONG.  The night was totally free, including dinner and train rides, which meant we had to wait for everything and that’s extremely hard when you’re 6,4, and almost 2 (heck, it’s hard when you’re 32!)  The dinosaur exhibit surprisingly didn’t have a line though:

(The boys thought it was pretty cool, although the veloceraptors eating another dinosaur at the end of the exhibit was a bit much).

Sunday we took a last minute trip to Ames to babysit our niece Eisley.  We practiced having 4 kids by taking ALL the kiddos to The Cafe for breakfast.  It went surprisingly well (except for when Tate pulled a chair down on top of himself, but stuff like that happens to him on a regular basis.  No harm, no foul.  Just him being naughty…..as usual).

(Sorry for the blurry iphone photo. This is the only one that turned out even a little).

Monday we headed out to our friends’ “ranch” to ride horses.  This was the boys’ first time and everyone loved it. 

The boys even had the opportunity to ride in Matt’s “scoop”.  (Gav didn’t like the noise so he opted out and Tate was a little apprehensive).  Liam and our friend Jack had a blast though!

This tractor was more Tate’s speed.

I’m now in the process of putting together a schedule for our days.  Mostly because we have to work on school stuff every day with Gavin to help him retain what he learned this year, and to help him continue working on reading and writing (his biggest struggles).  I’m hoping I can be as creative and fun as his teachers at school!


ETA: 12.6.2011