It Was a Good Day

August 25, 2011

“Oh where, oh where did the summer go?”

That was the FIRST thing Gavin said to me this morning when I went to wake him up for school.

Then he bounced out of bed super happy and silly (as evidenced on his face).

The obligatory first day of school pic in front of the door.

Just a little guy talk on the first day.

Gav and Ms. McCoy.

(The kids were all sitting quietly and there were no other parents in the room so I wasn’t able to get the usual “at the desk” shot).

MORE proof that it was a good day:

This guy‘s in town. ALWAYS a good time.

FREE food at Zombie Burger and Drink Lab.  We happened to be wandering around downtown and knew it was opening.  We had no idea it was an invitation only event, but they let us in anyway.  All the food today was totally free.  Oh man was it good (and not just cuz it was free).  I love me a good burger.  The place was packed, the patio was fun, the food was great, the decor was awesome (except to a four year old).

Proof that I SOMETIMES hang out with the fam.  😉

Many, many thanks to all who prayed or sent good thoughts our way this morning.  Gav came home happy (although a bit sleepy) and he and Liam have been playing nicely together ever since (a time apart did the brothers good).


August 21, 2011

It’s been a hard day.  In all honesty, it’s been kind of a tough month.  School is sneaking up on us, and Gavin knows it’s coming…….and he doesn’t like it one bit.  All summer, if the “s” word was mentioned he’d yell at whomever to stop talking about it.

Well……..we kinda have to start talking about it.  “S” starts on Thursday.

Today we saw quite a bit of regression and I KNOW it’s because he knows “s” is just a few days away.  He’s resorted to mumbling and baby talking and doing a lot of pointing without words.  He lays on the couch and doesn’t want to do anything, almost as though he’s sick.  But I think he’s just sick with worry.  I’m a worrier, so unfortunately I know where he gets it.  He’s making himself sick and so of course I’m really worried about how things are going to go down on Thursday.

So, if you’re the praying kind, will you please pray for Gavin this week?  If you’re not, send some good thoughts his way, especially Thursday.  I really want this to be a great school year for him!

Shool Supplies

August 10, 2011

(Have you seen MegaMind?  I love how Will Farrell’s character pronounces everything wrong).

I know I ranted about the crazy amount of school supplies that Gavin needed last year for kindergarten, but now it’s time for Round 2.  Liam starts preschool at our local Montessori school on September 8th.  His school supply list…for PRESCHOOL….is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.  The kid needs 24 glue sticks.  He needs a package of TRIANGULAR crayons, and erasable colored pencils (didn’t know there was such a thing). Oh and I found some today. They’re $6 a pack…..of course he needs 2 packs.

He needs disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, paper towels, several boxes of kleenex, dishsoap, sponges, hand towels and wash cloths.  (Apparently we’re stocking the janitorial closet).  He needs 2 composition books AND a journal (to record his thoughts and deepest desires?) AND several notebooks and a ream of paper.

Not to mention the regular things like scissors, erasers, crayons, oh, and 24 #2 Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils (found only at office supply stores).  Seriously???  Do we have to be THAT specific with our pencil choices?  Are we forgetting that this is PRESCHOOL??  The child is not really even writing yet!

It’s mostly all the cleaning supplies that get me.  He’d better not get sick AT ALL this school year for as OCD as they must be if all 20+ kids in his class bring this stuff.  CRAZINESS I TELL YOU!

We plan on school supply shopping this weekend.  I’m very curious to see what our grand total is.  Gav’s list is actually pretty basic this year thank goodness!

Post updated** I bought all of Gav’s supplies today and spent $21.  Not too bad considering.  Next week we’ll hit Liam’s list.

Colorado Adventures

August 9, 2011

A few weeks ago we spent 8 wonderful days in the Rockies.  The boys experienced the mountains for the first time, the big boys climbed two 14ers (fourteen thousand foot mountains), we saw family we haven’t seen in almost 7 years, and we did A LOT of relaxing.  We have about 300 pictures so here’s just a few:

A little tee-pee we found down the path from our house

We waded and “found” gold

Liam has trouble standing still

A proud accomplishment

The third story deck was the boys’ favorite spot of course.  Toys regularly flew off it.

Liam kept finding “dinosaur teeth”

Cousins had a blast together.

(This is our 2nd Crayola water tablet bath that turned the water fun colors.The first time we tried it the water turned out black. Not so fun.)

Yay for my fam! We had a fantastic week!

Tricia Turns Two*

August 3, 2011

Tate is two. Poor kid spent 11 hours of his birth day strapped in the car on the way to Colorado.  Hard to believe it’s been 2 years already.  As feisty and as HARD as this little guy is a lot of the time, he’s brought SO much life into our house (apparently we didn’t have enough already). He is our love-bug. He can’t go more than a few hours without wrapping his arms around my legs and saying, “I yove you, Mommy”. He’s always trying to kiss his brothers (on the lips) and he’s always gotta be close to somebody. 

*All the boys have been into rhyming lately and they now call Josh “Daddy Paddy”.  He jokes that his name’s not Patti, so he gave them all girl names.  Gail, Linda, and Tricia.  The boys think it’s HILARIOUS-especially Tate.