Shool Supplies

August 10, 2011

(Have you seen MegaMind?  I love how Will Farrell’s character pronounces everything wrong).

I know I ranted about the crazy amount of school supplies that Gavin needed last year for kindergarten, but now it’s time for Round 2.  Liam starts preschool at our local Montessori school on September 8th.  His school supply list…for PRESCHOOL….is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.  The kid needs 24 glue sticks.  He needs a package of TRIANGULAR crayons, and erasable colored pencils (didn’t know there was such a thing). Oh and I found some today. They’re $6 a pack…..of course he needs 2 packs.

He needs disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, paper towels, several boxes of kleenex, dishsoap, sponges, hand towels and wash cloths.  (Apparently we’re stocking the janitorial closet).  He needs 2 composition books AND a journal (to record his thoughts and deepest desires?) AND several notebooks and a ream of paper.

Not to mention the regular things like scissors, erasers, crayons, oh, and 24 #2 Ticonderoga Tri-Write pencils (found only at office supply stores).  Seriously???  Do we have to be THAT specific with our pencil choices?  Are we forgetting that this is PRESCHOOL??  The child is not really even writing yet!

It’s mostly all the cleaning supplies that get me.  He’d better not get sick AT ALL this school year for as OCD as they must be if all 20+ kids in his class bring this stuff.  CRAZINESS I TELL YOU!

We plan on school supply shopping this weekend.  I’m very curious to see what our grand total is.  Gav’s list is actually pretty basic this year thank goodness!

Post updated** I bought all of Gav’s supplies today and spent $21.  Not too bad considering.  Next week we’ll hit Liam’s list.

8 Responses to “Shool Supplies”

  1. b.a. said

    hey, wait a second! there was a sheet in the registration packet that you can just pay $35 and they will provide ALL the school supplies for your kid as they need them. it says it’s to save you time & money and solves storage probs for teachers. DO IT.

    also, my favorite part of megamind is his mispronounciation! cracks me up every time. (and we’ve watched it over and over. and over.)

  2. Bridie said

    I did the pre-boxed school supplies from our PTO last year ($50 – yikes!) Then I started seeing all the weekly cheap deals that Walgreens advertises. If you live near one (and don’t mind stopping in once a week for a month) you can pick up all the things you need super cheap. Gavin’s list was fairly extensive, and I think I will get it all done under $7 (many items were free). Really the most expensive thing was the kleenex and binder. I was also able to pick up extra freebies to donate to the class. We were also supposed to get the Ticonderoga pencils, but I made an executive decision that the $0.19 #2’s were just fine. Good luck!

  3. recoveringgavin said

    BA: I know about the $35 but when you have an older bro who’s gotten to get new cool stuff for the last 2 years, there was no way he was going to let me just write a check. Plus I was hoping to get stuff cheaper, but with $12 colored pencils, I’m not so sure!
    Bridie: Wow! You’re a great shopper. How the heck did you get stuff for free? I was proud of my $21 spent for Gav. His fee was $40, so I’m really glad I didn’t just write a check!

  4. Haverlee said

    Em- That’s shocking about Liam’s school supplies! Is the Montessori school free? It must be. Bennett’s preschool doesn’t require us to buy any school supplies but I’m guessing that’s because we pay tuition. He doesn’t even need a backpack yet. I keep eyeing those adorable SkipHop ones and hope he likes those for Kindergarten and I don’t have to get him stinkin Cars or something 🙂

    • recoveringgavin said

      Have-yes, school is free, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining! It just seems really odd that he will need ALL that stuff this year. Josh figured out how many days/hours Liam will be at school and he’ll be able to use a new glue stick every 3 days! 😉
      And yes, I love the SkipHop bags too and we have a Cars AND a Spiderman backpack in our possession. UGH!

  5. Courtney said

    Could you write the check and then just go buy some fun “at home” school supplies? And I will say, as a mom who has a now 10 year old in remedial handwriting, those special pencils DO work – I wish I would have had Jeremiah use them much sooner. And Montessori kids clean – silver polishing is usually the most popular station, so all of those cloths get used! I wish we had a free Montessori option!

    One more “seasoned mom” backpack trick – we have bought each boy a new backpack when they start kindergarten from either Land’s End or LL Bean – plain colored ones. Jeremiah is entering 5th grade and STILL using his. Each year, I let them get a new keychain to hook on it (usually from the LEGO store) and they get to pick a new lunch bag that can be any character they want. SAVED me from character backpacks!

  6. elisabeth said

    em, i hate that i’m JUST NOW finding time to catch up on blogs and am JUST NOW seeing this. when i cleared out my classroom at the end of the year, i had quite a bit of extra supplies that i had bought for my classroom…glue sticks, colored pencils, crayons, markers, looseleaf paper, a few regular lined notebooks (wide rule), erasers, etc. PLEASE please please tell me what i can give you– i’m sure we won’t use all of it before it’s just too old to be any good!! i wish i would’ve seen this sooner so i could’ve helped more– help me decrease my ex-teacher stockpile! 🙂

  7. […] other, other news…..a HUGE FAIL for me in the school supplies department for preschool.  I spent upwards of $50.  I should have gone with the whole write the […]

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