Date Night and Sweet Pea

September 28, 2011

Josh and I,and my sis and Chris had a great date night last Friday night.  I don’t know the last time (if ever) we’ve gone out just the 4 of us. (The tricky part is that we share these awesome babysitters….)

I didn’t take a single pic, but Kate documented some of it.  Check it out on her blog here (she’s way funnier than me).  And stay through the video. It’s proof we need a little sweet pea around here.  The boys are ECSTATIC to have a sister-Eisley has been great practice!

**I’d like to apologize to Eisley for my earlier spelling of sweet.  I did not intentionally mean to call you sweaty.  Not sure what’s wrong with me these days.  Oh yes….I know.

Baby Got Bling

September 26, 2011

Look what Liam discovered in a bag full of Great Grandma’s junk jewelry:

3 guesses on what he wants to wear for school picture day on Thursday…..

It’s Apple Pickin Time!

September 23, 2011

Actually we didn’t pick a single apple.  They were beautiful hanging all golden and ripe on the trees……but we did other stuff.  If you live in the area, have you DONE Center Grove Orchard yet?   I’ve been hearing about this place for a couple of years, and either someone was too little, there was never a good time to go, etc, etc.

But today was the day.

The boys didn’t have school, Josh was off, and the weather was gorgeous.

Poor Liam and his little crippled legs.




Only Gavin was a little distressed about being in school.

This guy gave us the stare down with his creepy yellow eyes. I was just waiting for him to jump on us.

Action Jackson

Our plan next time we go is to conquer the 4 acre(!) corn maze.  Josh and I really wanted to do it, but preggo was FEELIN IT at the end of 3 hours.  All that fun wears a girl out.

Soccer Star

September 19, 2011

Liam started Upward Bound soccer a few weeks ago and LOVES it.  His team is made up of 4 and 5 year olds and I don’t think any of them have played on a team before.  It’s quite hilarious.  Josh gets the privilege of coaching and it consists solely of saying, “Ok, which goal is ours?  Which way do we kick the ball?”  It’s absolutely adorable (the kids, not Josh, although he’s pretty cute too).

This little girl thought it would be a good idea if everyone held hands all the time.   Obviously Liam is too cool for that.

The score of the first game was 7-0, in favor of the other team.

This past Saturday the score was 5-5.  I’d say they’re improving!!


September 14, 2011

Gavin has recently been coming home from school talking about Joe.  You have to know Gav and his communication, you can’t always get much out of him when you press him for more information.  All I know is that there’s a boy he plays at recess with named Joe.  Ok.

Today, when I dropped him off at school, one of the moms (who is also an aid at the school) stopped me in the hall and told me that her son Joe and Gavin have become very good buds this year.   (This is a VERY sweet woman who is always so energetic and happy to see Gavin at school and he always smiles hugely when he sees her). I had no idea she had a son Gav’s age.   She went so far as to make sure Gavin knew he was invited over for a playdate sometime soon.  Yay!!

SO this afternoon, I pick him up early from school so we can go to ChildServe, and the rest of the first graders were walking in from recess.  A cutie little guy with freckles approaches me and introduces himself as Joe.  He then proceeds to tell me that Gavin is his new best friend and he really, really, really wants him to come over for a playdate as soon as it’s a day off from school or when he doesn’t have soccer.

Poor Joe.  I think I scared him a little because I started to tear up right there in the hallway.  For a boy who has communication and social issues, having a best bud and being invited over to someone’s house is a HUGE thing in the life of a kid with autism.  I pray that this friendship continues and that Gavin will truly feel the connection of a friend.


September 8, 2011

Liam FINALLY started preschool today.  (I say finally not because I was so ready to have him gone in the afternoons, but finally because this boy has been waiting to go to school for the last 2 years).  It didn’t help that Gav’s been in school for over 2 weeks already.  September 8th just couldn’t get here fast enough.

Liam was beyond excited and I’m so glad.  He’s usually a lot of talk, but then he gets pretty shy in new social situations.  Not this time!  He marched right into the building and down the hall to his class.  This is one kid I’m not at all worried about-he’s going to LOVE being at school.

Liam had a very long explanation why he didn’t want to take this picture with his backpack on.  If you know him at all, you know he’s the KING of long explanations and bunny trails which I usually can’t follow.

He found his locker, hung his stuff right up, and headed off into class (he even remembered to hug and kiss me before saying goodbye!)

In other news, we went to a new parent meet and greet this morning and Josh ran into another mom there who used to wait tables with him 15 YEARS ago in OMAHA.  How weird is that??  (And if you know my husband at all, you know that everywhere we go we run into someone he knows…..just not usually from another state……that long ago).

In other, other news…..a HUGE FAIL for me in the school supplies department for preschool.  I spent upwards of $50.  I should have gone with the whole write the check to school thing for $35.  The teacher looked at me so funny when I brought 2 gigantic bags of supplies in last week.  Apparently NO ONE buys school supplies.  Now I know why.  You live and learn I guess!