Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011

We don’t usually do much for Halloween other than take the boys trick or treating for about an hour.  I’m not one to plan out costumes months in advance or even realize it’s Halloween until about the day before.  But lately, the boys have been more aware of it; you can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing giant billboards of zombies or Elphaba from Wicked these days.   It’s actually quite annoying.  Liam is frightened easily and has frequent nightmares.  There are several stores we can’t step foot in because they’re insanely decorated for Halloween and it’s too much for him.

Since the boys knew Halloween was coming, they’ve been planning their costumes for a while.  Liam wanted desperately to be a spork.  Yes.  You read that right.  It’s funny how many people don’t even know what a spork is (a spoon and a fork combo in case you’re one of those people).  WHAT????  I have no idea where he came up with that.  AND, Gavin has been telling people for about 2 months now that he wanted to be a duck. Again, I refuse to do much when it comes to this “holiday”.  I definitely don’t sew costumes……

2 days before I had the (brilliant) idea that they should go as Albert Pujols.  (Famous baseball player, just won the World Series, plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, and we have TONS of St. Louis gear). DONE.

(Yes, that’s Liam’s medallion you see.  Albert likes bling too.)

And Tate went as a monkey. Partly because he is one, but mostly because we had that costume and it fit.  He didn’t get a say.  That’s how I roll on Halloween.

Oh, and apparently Des Moines is about the only place on earth that does Beggars Night (where the kids go out the night before Halloween).  So as of last night, Halloween is over for us.  We have bucketfuls of candy that will be rationed (or eaten by me-they got a lot of chocolate) the rest of the year.

“Sugar” is what Tate calls it.  “Mommy, when can I have another sugar?” is what I’ve been asked about every hour today.  Sigh

Friday Night Lights

October 15, 2011

A while back my aunt called to tell me about the High Trestle Bridge in Madrid.  I had never heard of it, but after a quick google search, I knew it was something we needed to do.

So last night, we bundled up (not well enough…it was COOOLD) and headed to Madrid.  Not knowing what to expect, and not planning very well, we arrived without a stroller or flashlights (thank goodness for the flashlight app on the iphone!).

You have to walk about half a mile to get to the bridge (something we didn’t know).  You can’t actually see the bridge until you get right up to it and then you’re met by these huge, beautiful columns covered in stones.   The bridge itself is very modern and funky…..and then you get to the middle:

and it’s all lit up.  Liam named it the “Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsabre Bridge”.

Apparently if you ride your bike through it, it feels like the blue lights swirl around you.

Pretty dang sweet and totally worth the trip.


October 12, 2011

On Wednesdays I pick Gavin up at school at noon for 2 hours of therapy at ChildServe.   Usually I’m there between classes, he sees me in the hallway, I wave to the teacher, and we go sign out.

Today I did not see Gavin in the hallway.  I saw his buddy Joe.  Joe hadn’t seen Gavin.  I went into his classroom while the kids were getting settled. No Gavin.  I went upstairs to the special ed room thinking maybe that teacher had snagged him.  The room was dark, no Gavin.  I went back to the classroom, where by now, the kids were all on the rug listening to the teacher.  No Gavin.

You should have seen her face when she realized he wasn’t there.

My little Gavin was still out playing on the playground………at this time, about 15 minutes after the rest of his class had gone inside.


I do not blame Gavin at all.  It’s crazy out on the playground at that time of day.  There are probably over 100 kids out there from different classrooms.  There are whistles being blown all the time for different groups to go in. My son has auditory processing disorder for one thing.  He plays alone sometimes.  He did not see/hear/process that his class was going inside.

I understand that it can be hard to keep track of all 25+ of your 1st graders all the time.  BUT DON’T YOU THINK THAT AS A TEACHER YOU WOULD ESPECIALLY KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS FIRST????? DON’T YOU AT LEAST DO A HEAD COUNT WHEN YOU COME IN FROM ALL THAT CHAOS???  (Imagine me screaming here because that’s exactly what I wanted to do).

Good thing we have a parent/teacher conference already scheduled for tomorrow.  Insert me screaming some more.


Now it’s got me wondering if this has happened before……..it’s not like anyone would ever tell me.

The Law of Impossibility

October 10, 2011

states, “where there are three boys who are supposed to be posing like gentlemen for pictures for Grandma’s birthday, they will move constantly, stick out their tongues, look everywhere but at the camera, dance and just plain hide. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE PICTURES OF THREE BOYS.”

My dear friend spent an entire afternoon with us taking pictures, and after she’d gone through her 300+ shots, she came back to me feeling SO BAD that she hardly got any good ones.  She gave me the disc and let me tell you, I laughed my a** off (sorry mom).  Tears were streaming down my face.  Maybe there aren’t too many frameable ones, but THIS IS MY LIFE:

(Click on image to view larger. Trust me. You’ll want to)

There’s a whole series of these.  If I click through them fast enough, Tate does some really rad dance moves.

Not sure what everyone is looking at.

“Are we done yet?”

Dancing again.


“Stop messing around, Liam!”

And this was my absolute favorite picture of the littlest…..until I looked closer….and noticed he has sand all over his mouth.

Truth be told, she got some GREAT shots of the boys individually and really even some cute ones of all three of them together, it’s just that the MAJORITY of them look like these (and she’ll probably NEVER want to take our pictures again).


October 5, 2011

To the boy who changed my life and stole my heart,

I love you.

Happy Birthday.