Easter and Other Topics

April 13, 2012

Once again, late with an Easter blog post. (Good thing Jesus wasn’t late).

I always have fun dressing my boys up for special occasions, but this year was ESPECIALLY fun dressing up a little lady.  Sure she’s worn dresses already, but she hasn’t worn DRESSES yet.  And I made Josh do the honors……tights and all.

I like her grin in this one.  If she could give her dad a thumbs up I imagine she’d say with her thumb high in the air, “You can totally do this, Dad.”

“AHHHH! Ok maybe not!”  (In Josh’s defense, it was a major poofy dress with LOTS of layers of girly.)
Aaaannnnnndddddddd…..she kinda looks like a baby monkey in this shot.

“What the hell just happened?”

The only half-way decent shot I got all morning.  As always, SOMEONE isn’t having it.

In other news…..

The kids and I were in a car accident last week.  Sadly, it was totally my fault but fortunately everyone was ok.  I totaled the other driver’s car and before the police arrived he took off…..on foot.  Apparently he’s here illegally and the police had been looking for him already.   I’m now a part of a “hit and run” investigation.  Exciting, I know.  The detective on the case calls me regularly with updates which I find funny because they can’t find the driver so there’s really nothing to update me about.  And several of the officers have apologized that this is happening to me which again I find funny since I was the cause of all this drama in the first place.


Gavin may be in jeopardy of losing his Medicaid funding.  Each year his caseworker has to perform a review to see if he’s still eligible (um….yes…..he still has autism).  Apparently she has had some serious conversations with his therapists at ChildServe and according to them, it’s looking like she might deem him ineligible. (He’s doing well, which we’re thankful for, but he still has a long way to go).  In the state of Iowa’s eyes, once the child is of school age, the school is supposed to be the primary source of aid.  THAT’S A WHOLE LOAD OF BS IF YOU ASK ME.  We’ve all seen how the school has handled him this year. UGH.  I haven’t given up hope, but I’m incredibly nervous.

On that note, we’re counting down the days until summer break: Liam: 27, Gavin: 21

SOOOO glad it’s Friday, it’s been an emotional few weeks.

2 Responses to “Easter and Other Topics”

  1. haverlee said

    I hate to single out one of your kiddos because they’re ALL adorable (duh!) but man, Gavin is such a beautiful boy! Love his peaceful face in the Easter pic.

  2. Emily Alberhasky said

    OH EM!!!! I cannot believe the accident story! Crazy! I’m so so glad you’re ok! Also…I cannot believe how beautiful your children are. You are one blessed mama!

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