June 18, 2012


June 15, 2012

On Day 2 of our family vacation adventure, we drove the rest of the way to Nashville.  “Smashville” as the boys deemed it.   Our reason for heading south was that these two cuties got hitched:  (FINALLY I might add!)

We now have an “Aunt” Becca to go with our “Uncle” Tim!! Yay!  We love her to pieces and she fits right in to our family!

My dapper little gentlemen were SO well behaved.  (With Josh being Best Man, I had the daunting task of making sure all 4 kids stayed quiet during the ceremony and they were great!)

Oh Tate.

Speaking of Tate, about AN HOUR into the dancing at the wedding reception he comes running up to me, “You didn’t tell me there was going to be a dance party!!”

And boy did he dance……..with EVERY girl who was smitten with him…..which was most of them.  What a charmer.

And I must mention my dress:

(sorry for the goofy shot-it’s the only one that shows the whole thing. I think we were doing the Twist).  My dear sweet husband knew that I adored this dress when I discovered it online, but sadly it was out of stock until June (I needed it in May).  He went so far as to call the company who then contacted the designer for him….to no avail.  A few days later one popped back in stock online, only it was too large for me.  He snagged it anyway, had it shipped overnight to surprise me, and found a tailor who could make it my size in two days because we were leaving the next.

I heart it.

And him.

(The t-shirt was part of his best man toast-he did look nicer than that earlier).

And some other shots of the week in Nashville:

That baby float is about the greatest invention ever.

I have this weird obsession with buying an old Airstream and traveling around the country.  I died when I saw this old one (FULL OF MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE mind you!) Ugh.  Maybe next time we visit Nashville we’ll go in style.

Sloanie was AWESOME on the trip.  She slept great in the car (better than at home) and was a trooper through all our late nights of wedding festivities and hotel room sharing.

We already have plans to go back.  Nashville’s a great city.  There was so much we didn’t get to see and do (and I never even got to see any celebs!)

St. Louis

June 13, 2012

A few weeks ago we packed up the troops and headed to Nashville with our first stop, obviously, being St. Louis (it’s almost perfectly half way).  If you know our family at all or been hanging around this here blog for a while, you know that our family LUHUVS the St. Louis Cardinals (it’s their baseball team if you really have no idea).  The love of the Cards has been handed down for several generations on Josh’s side.  His great grandparents used to go to Florida for Spring Training  every year and got to know the players.  Josh has a bunch of signed memorabilia and bats from those days. How cool is that?  It’s really hard to be a part of this family and NOT love the Cards too.  (And if you say anything about the Cubs, watch out, our boys will boo you.  No lie). 

My patriotic son

The best part of the night was when I turned to find Tate touching the toes of the guy sitting behind us.  I was kind of mortified, but the guy thought it was hilarious.  I caught Tate doing it a couple more times later.  Weirdest part was that the guy never moved his feet away.  Whatevs.

All that Cards fun wears a guy out.

Next stop Nashville!!


June 11, 2012

My heart stopped on Saturday when I went to get the mail.  Sadly, it does that quite a bit when I receive envelopes from The Department of Human Services.  Gavin’s Medicaid for his Ill and Handicapped waiver was up for review and the envelope that came Saturday was thin and ominous.  I had been waiting to hear and dreading it just the same. 

Here’s what was inside:


Those 4 little words were the best news I’ve had in ages: “CONTINUE TO BE ELIGIBLE”.  Thank you, Lord!