8 Months

July 30, 2012

Princess Buttercup turns 8 months old today!

Sloanie is still the happiest, most content little person I’ve ever met.  She’s ALWAYS smiling and now that she’s crawling she’s even happier that she can actually get someplace…..and chew on cords, eat paper, and clean up the lunch mess under the table.

She’ll be driving before I know it.


July 23, 2012

Today my third born is 3.  I marvel at the way time speeds up the more children I have.  Like Liam, Tate wasn’t a baby very long.  He’s miles ahead of his peers purely for the fact that he has two older brothers he desperately tries to keep up with.





My sweet, precious Tate.  Happy birthday my love.  I can’t imagine our lives without you!

Mail Part 2

July 12, 2012

That lovely little letter I received in the mail a few weeks back was followed this week by a large ominous manilla envelope.  Gavin’s Medicaid is up for review AGAIN.  Thinking it had to be a mistake, I immediately called his caseworker and actually got her on the phone.   No mistake.  Apparently he is now going to be reviewed EVERY 3 MONTHS.  I have to fill out a packet of papers, gather notes/goal sheets from all his therapists, and take him to our doc so she can fill out forms………every 3 months.

Part of me wants to throw in the towel and say screw it.

I won’t.  I know how important this is.

Nothing is easy though, and that’s the frustrating part.

40 Weeks

July 6, 2012

No, I’m not pregnant.

Gavin started listening therapy and that’s how long it will last.  AND he has to do it twice a day, every day…..for 40 weeks.  I did the math (because I’m a nerd) and that adds up to 560 listening sessions……..that I’m responsible for remembering to make him do (and logging results weekly).  Yikers.

To be honest, I don’t even completely understand it, but I’m all about trying things for him.  There’s been tons of research done (by other people, not me) that shows great brain interaction and spatial organization when coupled with music specifically designed for this program.  (If you’re really interested in the ins and outs, you can read more about it here. Check out that list of things to expect.  Wow!)  It truly fascinates me how our brain works and the things we can do to “train” it.

So, he has to wear these gigantic (ie:expensive) headphones along with a CD player strapped to his back (which, by the way, was hard to find.  Nobody buys Walkmans anymore.  I even had the guy at  Best Buy trying to talk me out of buying one until I told him what it was for.)

The volume has to be set on a specific number (it has to be more like background music and he must be able to hear me talking at a normal volume).  The disc has to be set to shuffle, he can only listen between 20-30 minutes at a time with at least 3 hours between sessions and at least 3 hours before bed time.  So, yeah.  We’ve struggled these past 2 weeks to make sure we fit it all into the guidelines.

But I think it’s working.  We just started week 3.  The first week was amazing.  I noticed almost instant results.  He was more conversational, more loving, and more even keeled if that makes sense.

But something happened in week 2 that made me want to stop the program altogether.   He became way more moody and emotional, bursting into tears over simple things.  He was lashing out at brothers and me.  It was so weird.  We were still using the same disc of music…..nothing had changed……except Gavin.

I sat down with both his OT and speech therapists on Tuesday and filled them in.  His speech therapist (whom I LOVE) was actually very encouraged by this turn of events.  “This is great!” she said.  “He’s processing through his emotions and feelings and beginning to communicate them!  It’s working!!”  She strongly encouraged us to try a third week to see what would happen.  She said he had to get over the hump; we would have good times and bad times over the course of the next 38 weeks.

I explained that the first week Gav was excited to do therapy each day but by the second week, he was telling me it wasn’t working and it was a huge struggle to keep him listening the full 2o minutes.  His therapists then pulled Gav into the conversation asking him why he was saying it wasn’t working (every time he told me that I would check his player and there was never any problem with it).  And then a light bulb went off.  My son who loves order and knowing what comes next COULD NOT STAND the fact that the disc was set to shuffle.  The first week, it was all new and he was familiarizing himself with the music.  By the second week, he would anticipate what song would play next and when it didn’t play the one he expected, he would get frustrated.

He then spent a good portion of his therapy time with his OT talking about listening therapy and how it’s ok that it’s on shuffle, etc. etc.  We’ve since had three more days at home with it, and things have gone much smoother.  I know there will be other “humps” to get over, but hopefully we’ll continue to see very positive results.

Water Blob

July 2, 2012

I pin all this stuff on Pinterest all the time that looks so fun, but therein lies the problem.  I pin it and then we never do any of it.   So last week I was determined to try something I pinned.


All it takes is a roll of plastic sheeting, duct tape, the hose, and voila……hours of fun!  Literally.  The boys played on it for hours.  And it was about 100+degrees that day.

Cousins waiting patiently to play  (I feed them.  I promise.)

(Side note: If you make one, don’t get your kids all psyched up about it BEFORE you fill it. Yeah, bad idea on my part.  It took about an hour to fill.  Next time I’ll fill, THEN get everyone ready!)

This lasted way longer than I expected.  We had to tape a few leaky spots later in the day and with the hot sun, the plastic softened and it eventually sprung enough leaks that we just let the water run out. But everyone loved it and we’ll definitely do it again!