Water Blob

July 2, 2012

I pin all this stuff on Pinterest all the time that looks so fun, but therein lies the problem.  I pin it and then we never do any of it.   So last week I was determined to try something I pinned.


All it takes is a roll of plastic sheeting, duct tape, the hose, and voila……hours of fun!  Literally.  The boys played on it for hours.  And it was about 100+degrees that day.

Cousins waiting patiently to play  (I feed them.  I promise.)

(Side note: If you make one, don’t get your kids all psyched up about it BEFORE you fill it. Yeah, bad idea on my part.  It took about an hour to fill.  Next time I’ll fill, THEN get everyone ready!)

This lasted way longer than I expected.  We had to tape a few leaky spots later in the day and with the hot sun, the plastic softened and it eventually sprung enough leaks that we just let the water run out. But everyone loved it and we’ll definitely do it again!

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