Mail Part 2

July 12, 2012

That lovely little letter I received in the mail a few weeks back was followed this week by a large ominous manilla envelope.  Gavin’s Medicaid is up for review AGAIN.  Thinking it had to be a mistake, I immediately called his caseworker and actually got her on the phone.   No mistake.  Apparently he is now going to be reviewed EVERY 3 MONTHS.  I have to fill out a packet of papers, gather notes/goal sheets from all his therapists, and take him to our doc so she can fill out forms………every 3 months.

Part of me wants to throw in the towel and say screw it.

I won’t.  I know how important this is.

Nothing is easy though, and that’s the frustrating part.

2 Responses to “Mail Part 2”

  1. elisabeth da-da-da-da-DEMPSEY! said

    a large part of me thinks that the whole point of something like this isn’t to actually verify his elligibility over and over again, but is actually a way for “the system” to shake off those who give up. their HOPE is that you WILL give up, throw the towel in, and give up. now that i’ve said that, i bet you’re pissed. take that pissed off mentality and let it keep the fire going in your belly to continue on. 🙂 sorry, did that sound really immature? probably.

    jesse has been through the same sort of thing many times in his 30 + years of getting assistance. a couple years ago he was denied social security benefits that he so clearly was in need of, and so my parents appealed it. they were denied again. it went to court and it *finally* re-assigned benefits to his name. don’t give up, sister! you’ve got this.

  2. someone special is at the door. . . it's grandma! said

    Yeah, ditto what Elisabeth said.

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