The Big K

August 23, 2012

A HUGE thank you for all your encouraging words both on and off the blog about our decision to home school Gavin.  It’s much appreciated and needed!  I already had a scary moment this afternoon when I got home to find a social worker on my front steps.  She was sent by Gav’s school to see why he hadn’t been there the past two days.  Apparently they hadn’t received notice from the district that he was to be home schooled and I hadn’t let them know because I had told the district.  Yeah.  I maybe peed my pants just a little.  I already feel so inadequate to do this job and already I’m being questioned!  It’s just some miscommunication, but it definitely left me frazzled. 

In happier news………..Liam is now an official kindergartener.  It happened yesterday, although he’s pretty much been one since the last day of school in May.  He’s always been a bit mature and grown up.   All summer I was thinking this day would be easy peasy for me to deal with because he was going back to the same school as preschool, would have the same teacher in the same classroom.  Nope.  For some reason, knowing that my sweet little Liam was “officially” in school now made it SO much harder.  I had a mom (of older kids) tell me that once they start kindergarten, the school years just fly by and I can already see that happening.  Just yesterday my sister reminded me that Liam was only 7 months old at her wedding and look how many more kids we’ve added to the mix since then!  Gosh, time really does fly.

This boy was up and dressed (with backpack on) by 6:30AM.  We didn’t have to leave until 8:15!  He was THAT excited.  Which I’m so glad for, by the way.  It would be awful to have a child you have to drag to school every day.

Hey guys, how ’bout a little closer?

Better.  Much better.

And a little nostalgia:

Gavin’s first day of kindergarten 2010

and Liam’s 2012

(Please ignore the bruises on Tate’s face, seems like every time I turn around he’s getting hurt.  He does have a rather large noggin. It must keep getting in the way).

3 Responses to “The Big K”

  1. elisabeth da-da-da-da-DEMPSEY! said

    your reply to the social worker: “what? you want my son back so your lousy teacher can forget him on the playground again? hmmmm, lemme think about that. nope.” no reason to pee your pants, em. no reason to feel guilt over wanting BETTER for your son…because, well, making a better learning environment for your son is exactly what you’re doing. if anything, THEY should be peeing THEIR pants because they’ve failed. puts things into perspective, now doesn’t it?

  2. someone special is at the door. . . it's grandma! said

    In a street fight I’d sure want that tough Dempsey chick on MY side! (she’s right, by the way.)
    And Liam . . . my sweet, grown-up Liam. Sigh.

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