At the Beach

August 25, 2012

Last Sunday night we decided we needed one last adventure before school started.  We packed up some dinner, a blanket, and the kiddos and headed to the lake.  We parked in a spot that I’d been to years before and we hiked (more like slid) down the hill to the beach.  And yeah, it definitely wasn’t what I remembered.  The “beach” was now overgrown with very tall weeds (as tall as Liam) and there was not a clear spot in sight.  SINCE we had already almost broken our necks to get down there, we decided to make the best of it.  Among the tall grass (that sounds better than weeds) we found a clear spot and ate our picnic.  Then we trolled the “beach” in search of treasure.

And Liam was fascinated by the dead fish……….

and the skeleton of a fish. (We actually saw a bunch of these.  Have to remember this spot for when we do science for home schooling) 🙂

And a lot of rocks were thrown.

Tate asked me several times if we were at the ocean.  “No, son.  Not even close.”


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