We Meet Again

September 30, 2012

It’s been a while, I know.  Still trying to figure out our new routine now that Gav is home all day.  I have been feeling overwhelmed just because NOTHING else gets done and I’m feeling so far behind on everything.

Homeschool’s going great, by the way.  Sloanie’s into everything so our school time is a bit challenging.  Gav still needs me to sit right beside him most of the time, so we sporadically do school during the day when Sis is either napping or contentedly doing something.  But he loves it and I haven’t had to force him to do anything yet-he gladly does work when it’s time.  And Tate does “homework” too out of a great preschool workbook someone gave me.  It totally keeps him busy and quiet.

Both of the older boys also started soccer at the beginning of September.  They’re doing great and have really enjoyed themselves.

Next year Tate will be old enough to play………until then, these 2 just hang out…..and play with their toes.

We also have taken a few more hiking adventures on the weekends (trying to enjoy this weather before it’s too late).

(All above shots taken at Jester Park)

On our last hiking excursion, we hit Browns Woods at about 6:30pm.  Somehow instead of taking the short 1.8 mile trail, we ended up on a 3 mile trail.  We also forgot that it’s been getting darker much earlier these days.  The thing about Browns Woods is that they are DENSE.  There’s no taking a shortcut through the trees to get back to the car.  You have to stay on the path.  Everyone was exhausted, a bit crabby, slightly panicky, and in my head I’m imagining us having to make camp until morning.  As we were finally rounding the corner to the parking lot, Tate tripped and just stayed on the ground.  “It’s all I got,” he says.

And that’s all I got.