For Reals

December 14, 2012

Every day in Liam’s kindergarten class, the kids are given blank paper in which to draw a picture of anything they want and write a description.  I love when Liam brings these home. 98% of the time there’s a picture of some sort of cool dude-a ninja, a super hero, a skateboarder, you get the idea.

Here’s what last week’s picture was:

liam1 liam2

I love 5 year old phonics.  Translation: “Mom and Dad are maybe going to maybe let us watch the Star Wars. reals.”  Not sure if he meant the real Star Wars or “for reals” (he says that a lot).

Josh HAPPENED to mention to the bigger boys that we may let them watch Star Wars over Christmas break.  We have yet to venture into those types of movies…..Liam has bad dreams a lot so we keep our movie viewing to happy animated flicks usually.   And we also said it would have to be after Tate and Sloane went to bed.

So this is what Liam drew: the four of us (sitting in chairs I presume) and Tat 🙂 and Sloane are sleeping (hence the ZZZZZZ’s) in their blue and pink beds.  The large square (our TV), I’m assuming is what he imagines Star Wars to be like.

Maybe just maybe, Liam.  For reals.