Write It Down

January 15, 2013


I’ve often tried to journal but, like a lot of other things, it falls by the wayside after a few weeks.  You know what they say about good intentions.  I’ve also tried to be the mom who remembers to write down all the funny stuff her kids say.  Like the other day when Liam came home from school and asked to put his tie on.  “Don’t you want to put comfy clothes on?” I asked.  “Mom,” he says to me, “that IS my comfy clothes.”  Well, I have a lot of kids.  And they are funny.  A LOT.  And most of the time I forget to write stuff down.

Sometime last year I read a book where the author was lamenting the same thing.  And then she had a good idea.  Every night before bed, she would write one or two sentences in her journal about the day.  Easy peasy! I can totally do that!  I grabbed an old journal I had laying around from past attempts to journal (boy was it fun to read the few entries I had managed to get in-Gav was 3!)

I even leave the journal on my bed each day which forces me to write in it before I go to bed at night.  Just a sentence or two about the day, funny things the kids say or do, whatever.  So far so good.  Not a hard or time consuming task but in a year or two or ten, I will be SO glad I did this.

And, I am absolutely in love with my Sharpie pen. I have no idea where this came from-I found it in my junk drawer, but oh how it writes. I’ve always been a sucker for a good pen that makes my handwriting look cool and this is it baby.  I guard it with my life.

2 Responses to “Write It Down”

  1. What a great idea! I am great about journaling, but those are just for me to read–usually nothing about the events of the day or anything funny. I have a little mason jar on the counter (beneath the pile of crap to sort) and that is where are “funny or memorable” things are supposed to go. I think it has one paper in it…from last year. 🙂

    P.S. I am in love with the Sharpie Pen too! I am also quite in love with the Pilot Precise V5 Extra fine. I guard them with my life…I am kinda a pen hoarder…but I’d let you borrow mine any time. 🙂

  2. someone special is at the door. . . it's grandma! said

    I’m jealous of your pen.
    And…lovely idea, writing just a line or two.

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