I Know a Secret

February 20, 2013

Remember how I mentioned that Gav’s new speech therapist was already leaving us?

A week ago was supposed to be her last session with us.  She was sick and had a sub.  So we’ll never see her again.  She called to tell me a few days after that who would be replacing her.  “She’s great,” she said.  “I think she’ll be a great fit for Gavin.”

Fast forward again to this past Monday (the day before our next therapy session with our new therapist).  My mom tells me she met Gav’s new therapist at church.  She’s actually friends with my sister.  Here’s the kicker………she’s looking for a new job and is planning to leave.  So our newest therapist (whom we haven’t even met yet) is planning her exit strategy.  Once she was assigned Gavin, she put two and two together that Gav was Katie’s nephew. She felt so bad because she was familiar with our past situation and knew she was planning to leave too but she hadn’t told anyone yet so she couldn’t decline him as a client. She filled my mom and sis in on the situation and asked what she should do.

So, there ya have it.  The latest saga of our therapists.  Since she’s not leaving YET and we haven’t decided what we’re going to do (is it time for us to leave???)……we just decided to keep meeting until one of us ends up leaving.  “M” seems really sweet and it’s a fun connection for Gav that she knows his aunt.

I’m just very tired of all the unknowns.

May 3rd Gavin is scheduled for his 3 hour diagnostic evaluation.  This could possibly change everything.  We’ve decided not to make any decisions until we see what his new diagnosis will be.  Until then we wait…….and hope “M” sticks around at least until then.

2 Responses to “I Know a Secret”

  1. Paula said

    Seriously?!?! Oh my goodness, Em. This makes my heart soooo heavy for you guys. 😦 We will continue to pray for clear direction for your family as you try to determine what’s next for Gavin. Keep us posted and let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.

  2. elisabeth said

    oh man, that is a burden to carry for sure. i think you’re wise to do your best not to sweat a decision until you find out what his next diagnosis will come to, since you could easily drive yourself insane now coming up with a plan, only to have it change in a mere few months. praying for you all.

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