Snow and Spider Webs

February 24, 2013

I was very bummed when we got more snow this week.  These 45+degree days sprinkled here and there this winter has made me long for spring and I’m not much of a cold weather/snow person anyway (especially when school doesn’t get cancelled for it).

But of course the boys were excited for more snow because that means SLEDDING!!! We live right down the street from a great golf course with huge hills that are perfect when covered in snow.  (And I was very thankful for sunshine today.  That makes the snow a bit more bearable).


This was Sloane’s first time on the “slopes” and she loved it.


Gav and Cousin Eisley lookin hip even sledding.  I swear that girl is the most stylish 2 year old I know!


The only problem with going down……….


is having to come back up.

And since it’s been cold and snowy these past few days, we thought we’d try out a new pinterest idea (thanks, mom!)Image

First make a giant spider web out of duct tape.  Then tear up an old magazine and ball them into “spiders”.  Toss the spiders onto the tape to stick.  You can make all kinds of games/races out of this.  I think the boys had more fun destroying the magazine than they did actually throwing the balls.  Pretty fun and it kept them busy for almost an hour.

ImageSo you can see, everybody was in on the action, even the littlest.


And when it was all said and done, she was the first to offer to clean up.


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