Six Forever

March 28, 2013

I have the same thought every March as Liam nears another birthday.  He was never supposed to be here.  I had a miscarriage about a year and a half after Gav was born.  If that baby had lived, Liam would not be in this world today.  That’s a weird thought.  At the time we were devastated.  Little did we know what God had in store. 


Liam turned 6 last Sunday.  He’s been telling me for awhile now that he wants to stay 6 forever (although I’m sure that will change the closer he gets to his 7th birthday).  It’s mind blowing to me that he’s that old already.

Happy 6th to my sweet, sensitive, compassionate, funny, smart, gentle, loving boy.  I’m thankful every day for you and I absolutely cannot imagine my life without you. 


2 Responses to “Six Forever”

  1. someone special is at the door. . . it's grandma! said

    Ditto what mom said, Liam. You are an awesome young gentleman!! I’m glad I get to be your gran!

  2. elisabeth said

    everything you said about liam is so true. is IS gentle and compassionate, sensitive, smart….i love watching him around other kids. these personality traits you described come pouring out of him and it melts my heart. he is always so tender toward lilah– and she’s not even near his age range. you know the quote, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”-? that sums up liam. he has great character in that he is tender-hearted an kind toward even the little peon 2 year olds who are not in his age group and don’t go to school with him! what a sweetheart. happy birthday indeed.

    *quote credited to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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