April 24, 2013

Friday Night Movie Night.  Ever since the boys have started school, Friday night finally feels like a Friday night.  Ya know what I mean?  When they were toddlers, every day felt the same since we were home all the time together.  Now after a long week of school, sports, therapies, tutoring, etc, Friday nights are a welcome relief.   And Friday Night Movie Nights were born.  Something the kids look forward to all week.  We eat a quick dinner (usually pizza) and then everybody gets jammies on.  There’s usually popcorn involved too of course.

I try to pick a movie that no one has seen and is obviously age appropriate.  We tend to be pretty strict with what we allow, so finding a decent movie every week has proved to be kind of hard. Thank goodness for the oldies!   So far Swiss Family Robinson has been one of the boys’ favorites. (You can’t compete with living in a tree, having wild animals for pets, and getting to fight pirates-it’s every boys’ dream!) Brave, How to Train a Dragon and Wreck It Ralph have been some of the new movie favorites.


Cuddle time with the brothers lasted about 30 seconds.  They NEVER move during a movie.  Sister, on the other hand, is too busy.


More cuddles then she decided she needed some juice


Then she spilled


Nudity is preferred until she gets chilly.  Hence the hat.

FNMN is such fun family thing that we all look forward to.  I hope this continues well into the teenage years.  We’ll just pull up some more chairs for the kids’ friends to hang out too.

9 Responses to “FNMN”

  1. haverlee said

    We watched Old Yeller with the boys recently and they liked it a lot (though I know some parts are slow). We will definitely have to get Swiss Family Robinson! Text me whenever you have success with an old one, because I agree, its hard to find quality ones they enjoy. Have you seen Waterhorse? (Came out a few years ago) That movie was adorable and so well made. Both boys were crying at one point! I need to get them Homeward Bound too.

    • recoveringgavin said

      They definitely struggle with slow parts in a movie or a lot of dialogue (which is how all the old ones are). We haven’t seen any of those you mentioned so I’ll add them to the list! I was just searching for something for tomorrow-it’s good to have options!

    • elisabeth said

      uh, did you all bawl your eyes out when yeller died?!!

  2. elisabeth said

    be careful what you wish for! 😉 kidding. 🙂 my parents made our house a welcome place for all of my friends– and they took great advantage of that (in a good way– it was a safe and positive place for them to hang out, some away from abusive homes, some away from uninvolved parents, and some just coming from other good homes). weekends we typically had 15 to 20 “kids” over well into the early hours of the morn…god. bless. my. parents. they were such saints for having such an open door policy to all of our friends. yes, it was wise of them, because the more involved they were, the less likely it was that i would stray TOO far off the path (hehehe….), but what a sacrifice. i can totally see you and josh being one of those “safe haven” homes for your kids’ friends too. god knows you have the hearts for it. 🙂

  3. elisabeth said

    oh, and at first i thought this post was about hating minnesota…you know, “FNMN”– effen MN? hehe…

    • recoveringgavin said

      Why Elisabeth, I’m shocked you’d think I would cuss in a blog post………. 😉
      And my house was totally THAT house in high school too. I loved it and I know my parents did too. They always knew where I was! (Not sure why our paths didn’t cross much back then, but I’m glad they do now!)

      • elisabeth said

        i’ve thought about that too– about how we really didn’t hang out much together at all in those days. here’s what i’ve come up with: i was a rebellious idiot teenager who was frequently in trouble. lex and jess were the angels. i was the butt. yaaaaaaay. you had no business spending time with someone like me back then, and i’m glad. i wish i could be proud of my teen years, but i cannot!! oh well, god used those years to bring me to brokenness…better then than as an adult, right?

  4. We do the same! Recently we found Secret of the Moonacre on Netflix and really loved it. Also, we all loved Where the Red Fern Grows (w/ a box of klennex, of course). Now that the kids are a little older, we have introduced them to MacGyver–which is a hit (we just had to have a talk about the bad words…like “hate” and such, you know. :))

    • recoveringgavin said

      Have never heard of the Secret of Moonacre. We’ll try that one too! Not sure if we’re ready for such a sad one as Where the Red Fern Grows. Tate cried last week at The Lion King. 😦 It will definitely be on the list in a few years though. Oh there are SO many more to choose from when they get just a bit older! Keep the suggestions coming!

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