July 29, 2013


This guy turned 4 on the 23rd.  Amazing. Tate is the life of the party (obviously) everywhere he goes.  He’s loud, stubborn, hilarious, stubborn, sweet, and stubborn.  He starts school in a little over a month.  That should be SO good for him….at least I’m hoping it will be.  I’m fearful he may be the class clown and end up in the principal’s office on a regular basis.   He also is having surgery next week to aid in his loudness problem.  Turns out the guy has ears full of fluid and needs tubes and his adenoids out.  He’s very proud of the fact that he gets to have surgery and no one else gets to.  Pretty sure he’s going to be stinkin hilarious under general anesthesia.  I might be the only mom in pre-op with a video camera. 😉

 Cheers to you, Tate! Happy Birthday little dude!