School Days

November 23, 2013

Well here we are counting down the days until Thanksgiving break.  Thought I’d update you on home school life since that’s been such a big part of this blog as of late. These past few months have flown by.

Things couldn’t be going better!  Gavin still has a very busy schedule of therapy and co-op but fortunately we were able to phase out his private tutoring which frees up one of his days for school work.  We try to cram as much school in each morning while Tate’s at school.  (No offense to Tate, but it’s a LOT less distracting with only one other little person hanging around).  But since we also have therapy and co-op 3 of the 5 mornings a week, we do have to do some work in the afternoons during Sloane’s nap (also another REALLY good time to get stuff done).  We’ve been saving our math program for afternoons since there are so many manipulatives that she wanted to get her hands on.  Tate joins in the math fun and hey, why not?  He’ll just be that much more prepared at school.  The kid can rock some roman numerals!




And of course Little Sis can’t be left out of the action.


I’m so incredibly thankful that Gavin loves to learn.  He’s always eager to do school and I love how excited he gets when he learns something new.  We’ve been studying geometry and the different shapes. (Did you know a shape with 9 sides is a nonagon?)  He was also pretty thrilled when we started learning Greek prefixes (the kid loves language).  It’s been a great year so far and a LOT less stressful than last year!


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